How has corona changes your thinking

I have noticed that I pay much more attention to washing my hands and touching things in public places…like elevator floor buttons and the stop button on the bus etc…So I guess I’m becoming more aware of how disease can be transmitted via surfaces…

The biggest change I have so far felt though is the serenity. I am not really concerned or in fear.
This I contribute 100% to the 12 step program.
I have learned to accept the things I can not change…corona certainly is that.
I have learned not to worry about my financial security too. What will come will come…All I can do is do my part in staying sober and staying in connection with my higher power. No amount of worrying will change the outcome of this situation…but a lack of action might.
I have learned to appreciate my friends more. The fact that we are now unable to see face to face brings out a lot of goodness in people…I like to think that it brings out their true character.
I have got to learn acceptance also on things I THOUGHT I could manage and change…It is humbling to realize how little is really under your control…

Anyways…if you’ve had a chance to reflect on how this has changed your thinking…maybe write a few lines about it…

Life is great…have a nice day :slight_smile:


I have definitely used my teachings from AA for Coronavirus living.

ODAAT!! I can’t control tomorrow and yesterday is already gone so all I can do is focus on today.

And yes, serenity to accept the things I cannot change!!


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This. Realized just how entrained my brain is to the serenity prayer on facing strange new situations now. That which once would have made me freak out is easy to accept in peace.

Also the distancing and surfaces stuff. And on the flipside a whole new appreciation for human contact that I hope to carry through as this all passes, as it will surely do.


It is going to allow me to grow my beard and hair out further— oh you said thinking. The dealing with the next right thing that I can control has helped — but I am by no means zen right now.

Towards the beginning of February my impervious stone counter-top spontaneously ruptured and split in two. Spontaneously violent and out of my control-- like the world seems now. While I believe at my core that there is a bigger reason to the counter-top and this pandemic — I struggle to understand either. But if i look at my experience, having to get sober was spontaneously violent and out of my control. A recent spiritual experience, spontaneously violent and out of my control. The spiritual growth and peace that has come from such violent chaos is seemingly contradictory to the violence that precedes them, but is seemingly inextricably linked in a way I cannot understand. Perhaps, maybe, this pandemic is yet another instance of potential spiritual growth. IDK, but if I don’t live through it I will never know. For this drunk, that starts by staying sober today.


Well said my friend.

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I love this.

Watching yourself and your sobriety grow on these forums is amazing @VSue. The blessing of AA :pray::heart:


Good topic Tomi.
I realized that I need more food in my house.
Yes we always had food. But not enough for if something like this happens. And we ate out way too much.
Today I am confident that we could be in my house for a month and be okay. We have plenty of everything it will take for 2 adults and 2 small children.

And my second change surprisingly came from my wife. She had some concerns about society breaking down. Like we need another gun to protect the house. Yes we have mine but she wanted something that she was more comfortable with handling. So she got herself a new little pistol :slight_smile:


I think about death more, I’m sorry to say it but it’s true. I think back to the time I had no higher power and its was frightening but now I have a sense of peace, a sense of the inevitable. Might not be for another 40 years but might as well accept it now and start livin like I gotta a day left.
Treat everyone you meet like it’s the last time your ever going to meet them bc that’s how they’ll remember you.


There is nothing wrong or negative IMHO in thinking about death. It’s a natural part of our process, the ending of our time here. None of us get out of here alive. And certainly times like this may bring up these thoughts more. For some people death can be scary and anxiety inducing, understandable in our somewhat death averse culture (U.S.).

Having a positive realistic approach to life and death can be comforting I think. In my world, today is the only day I have, so I try to be in the here and now …not always successful, but it keeps me present and grateful (mostly).


I have learned a better lesson about surrender. Surrender is I guess equal to serenity so that is my biggest lesson. Also have learned that daily meetings are a great way to feel less isolated and connected to my program and commitment to it.


100 % agree with you. It is very hard but if everytime I’m doing something I’m not comfortable with I focus on the now, even if I only stay there a brief time it gives me time to change my way of thinking or accept it.
Do you think it’s even possible to be tuned in (for want of a better saying) all the time. I love eckhart Tolle but even he must throw a little wobbly sometimes and think oops I lost it a bit there for a sec. :joy:


Absolutely! I mean we have seen HH The Dalai Lama swat a mosquito! No one is perfect, nor do we need to be. :heart:


It has really hit home how big drinking is in our culture, bottle shops were getting flooded. The government announced new limits on how much you could buy and people were loosing their minds. I know I would have been in the same situation and I’m so grateful to be able to sit back and feel comfortable that I don’t have to be a part of the frenzy. Very much living in the moment as things are changing so rapidly :hibiscus:


I was thinking about this a couple weeks ago. Probably would have been cheaper for me to buy a distillery than the cases of handles I would have needed for 14 days in confinement.

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It made me realize I dont want to wait till I am older to get the things I want and do the things I would like. You never know when the world will shut down and you wont have the chance.


You must not be scared enough then. See, Coronavirus is just the start of people’s troubles. Just wait until there are severe natural disasters during one of these outbreaks. Suddenly the food supply chain is interrupted, the aquaphors are contaminated from earthquake sediment, and then people start dying in droves due to the disaster relief efforts. Now we’re talking about mass panic and hysteria!

No I am not scared. I trust in God. I do not fear that which may destroy my body, I only fear he who can destroy my soul and toss me in the lake of fire.

I’m not really scared of that either, just saying that things aren’t that bad.

I’m thankful. So much more presently aware of how fortunate I’ve been to have not had my I come interrupted, and to have the time and trust of the people around me to continue living a healthy life.

It’s really put a focus on how adaptable we really can be as humans too. It’s so easy when we’ve got a whole world around us moving at a pace, to move along with it and use its momentum. Now with this time and space, I really feel my individual agency in daily tasks more than before.

I want to work out more, I want to eat better, perhaps the most important: I want to spend more time with friends. It’s amazing how much we can take for granted sharing a space with people we care about, and even those we don’t know. I love visiting cafes, not because I can’t make coffee at home or because I want to lose a bunch of money, but because just sitting amongst other people living their own lives is intoxicating in some way. It’s like how that first deep breath of morning air feels on your doorstep.

Looking forward to doing my part to keep myself and others healthy, just mentally saving up my appreciation for my friends until we’re ok to hang out again.

I get pretty OCD about things like this… anything safety related is going to make me on edge. ive set it as an excuse not to drink until its completely gone over the globe. experts say that will never happen! lol. but the whole thing trips me out, just how easily it began and how quickly it spread. i know while its in my area drinking isn’t an option, i act stupid when i drink! i’ll be naturally more impulsive to try to hang out with people… not a good idea. i’d rather unleash my cabin fever when i’m able to get back to work and socialize that way… history has shown me drinking makes me a fool in any bad situation. But this, is no longer just about me. i can accept making myself sick. duh, i did so many times with my drinking. but not somebody else.

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