How is everyone feeling?

Happy tuesday …
A little post to say something or anything that you have done positive today …may it be little or big . Share yours to help others to give them a push.

I didnt want to go for a walk this evening cuz it’s cold but I really had to push my self to do so even doh it was only a 15min walk to the shop and back but I went and glad I did so … Mine was walking the dog and having a small moment to myself looking to the stars and having a say that I’m strong , I’m caring , I’m lovable and breathing that fresh cold air in and really taken it in and appreciating that I’m alive ! :heart:
Share me yours :kissing_heart:


Extremely tired did n a last night and had smart recovery today all great but now I need to rest.xx


Y do I feel just as misreable as I did when I was using only I’m sober :cry::cry:

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Try and have a shower and bed early x x

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I feel like that as well but I think it’s the emotions we try block with the drink . Allow your self feel them , write them now , do some meditation from a app . I downloaded one today and found it really good .


Was so tired this morning, i was close to call in sick at work. But managed to get to work and got through the day anyway :blush:. Now relaxing in the couch, with a nice fluffy blanket, after a long hot shower, feeling happy that i got to work and not laying here relaxing with any guilt, about not going to work. :blush:

Another thing is that im home alone this evening - bf workinig evening shift. Normally i would do anything not to be alone or if i was i would probably had drunken loads of beer. This evening though, i didnt plan anything but time to relax - so i found that Very positive. :blush:


Feeling grateful to be alive and to have another chance to change my life. Grateful to know how to begin the process of loving myself.


Hello all,
I am feeling grateful today for being able to go to a day that would be a huge trigger for me and just getting through it sitting in the couch now ready for bed and being calm. Had a looooonnngggg day at the hospital. 9 hours driving, 6 hours of neurological examinations for my neuropathy. so fucking scary, confronting and life changing. And I am here. sober. checking in. thank you guys. when in the night the monsters of insomnia come along to spread the doubt again I know I can last until the morning until I can go teach a yoga class. Just for today! Love


Happy to be alive and sober. Bummed to find out a drummer from a favorite band passed away…

Edit to add a video from said band:


I’m at the weird time where the alcohol is completely out of my system so I wanna do all sorts of cool things but then the next second I’m drained.

I go to Disney then I’m like, tired. Then I’m like, no push through, make a habit of being more active.

Dedicating your life to positivity is tiring lol.


I’m feeling so much better, thanks for asking! Everyday I am trying to find something that makes me smile. Yesterday I was very angry and upset over a stupid text. Can you believe it? A text. I let a text from someone I barely knew affect me to the point of almost grabbing for tequila. I drink when I’m depressed and the text made me made and depressed. Well I found my smile. I called a friend who also knew this person and in the end we were laughing about it.

Please join me and SMILE just for the heck of it, it does wonders. :grin: :yum: :blush: :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh and I want shout out to AnonymousD who was selfless by stepping away from their problems to lend an ear and advice for mine. Thank you! I hope you are doing well today.


I’m feeling quite mellow this morning I find watering the garden very calming for the soul.


Hello Kristel.

I like your small story about today. Here is mine:

I woke up just before my alarm. Managed to get out of bed although I felt tired. As usually I went to work, listened to Recovery podcasts from Paul Churchill as always.
In work I had quite a weird day. I fidn’t feel good about myself and had aot of self-doubts. I am having such a moments time bybtime. I think it’s a bit of anxiety.
My colleague asked me to join him for a break. At first I wanted to reject, stay rather alone, but then I agreed. It was sunny and we walked through the park. I listened to his story about some girl he’s dating. But she’s married for an alcoholic, so it’s difficult. I took it easy. Didn’t get myself involved emotionaly, as I decided not to judge situations and people anymore. Mainly when I don’t even know them personally.
On my way home from work, some older man fell down on the floor in the underground. He was drunk, I think. Can’t say it surelly, because I stayed too far away to be sure. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to call the help but it would probably stop the train. He was laying on the floor, talking to some people. Nobody seemed to be stressed like me, thinking about calling help. I had to leave the train. I tried to send a message to the help centre phone but it wasn’t delivered from some reason. My boyfriend told me that if that man was talking, that it’s ok that I didn’t call any help. I felt guilty. Like I followed a majority, you know… I think that my decision to stay passive was wrong. But it already happened and so I accepted it and moved on with some lesson…
I also walked home. I have two options - take a bus or walk approx. 20minutes. Recently I started walk, because it’s helping me to fight my ed which again appeared after I stopped drinking…
I also watched the moon and stars and felt the nice cold evening air. That’s nice we had this in common. I watched some tv with my bf, and now I’m reasy to sleep toward midweek :blush:

Thanks for reading :pray:t2::four_leaf_clover::heart:


Day 9 alcohol free:- (day off work)

Gave thanks to the universe when I woke up, had a cold shower, highly recommend couple times a week, worth researching.

went on a jog with peaceful music headphones in.
(first morning run in a long time, heading bk out tomorrow)

Made a super food smoothie and listened to some of my favourite chilling music and tidied bedroom and kitchen.

Updated my cv for a digital graphics freelance position to interline with my current job.

Had few cravings for cold beer but made a healthy yummy pasta dish, had some food and watched documentary and it passed.

Did some Isha kriya meditation,
(started meditating again yesterday.
Currently chilling watching football and films before bed with incense n candles in a nice clean room :))

Much love to you all on this journey of self healing and awakening.
Peace x


A great day here but I’m concerned for those in the Caribbean after that 7.7 that just hit them… I know I don’t live there but they are in my thoughts right now… :sparkling_heart::pray::earth_asia:


went to church for 5 mins of thank yous and prayers for other people, went and had breakfast out, finished book on how to be happy, started new eckhart Tolle book. listened to Spotify during most of this, went for walk in the country with the dog, cooked some tea, dinner for the better educated :joy:, went to a meeting. back in bed now and going to pray, meditate and sleep. ONE MORE CLEAN AND SOBER DAY DONE.


I have many friends in Jamaica and have been in contact with a few in Negril specifically…they felt it, but no damage and roads are all open in and around town. There were worries for a tsunami, but the tsunami alert has since been lifted.

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I am extremely happy 2019 is over, by far the most stressful and anxiety ridden year I have experienced. I started this year off full of optimism and confidence also with my new realization that anything is achievable as long as I work hard and drop my egotistical self. So in short, I feel fantastic with my sobriety instead of depressed. We all can get there with a little help, just accept it, power through it and hold on tight, the rewards are always going to be better than they used to be.


Thank you @Sassyrocks… I’m so glad to hear that… :blush:

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Flat and defeated