How love saved me - my story

So my last post here was from about 2 years ago. A lot of changed. I want to share my story with, and it’s story with happy ending.

3 years ago I graduated with Bachelor degree. We always drank at the univeristy parties, but I felt like still had some motivation to behaive better.
So when I came back from uni to my hometown, my drinking problem started to be kind of bad.
I was going out with my old friends to parties like almost every day. I found a job as a Apartments Coordination but after a while I notice is pretty easy job for me, and because this was two sheets work, I often was finishing at 10pm - going out after work almost everyday.
Then hangover at work started. I though I was looking okay. I kept pictures (you will see them at the end) and I was looking so bad… on the last picture I realized it and I was crying. But I couldn’t change. I was feeling depressed.
I couldn’t find any happines in my life, only in drinking I could finding. I was wondering what is wrong with me in my love life - I was only dating guys from tinder, couldn’t find anyone for serious.

And then miracle happen.
2 years ago (in october) I was going to Mac Demarco concert. I bought ticket 6 months earlier and didn’t have any company for concert. Concert was in other city (3 hours by train from mine). So I spend my journey watching some videos on youtube about life choices, motivation etc. Actually it kind of help. I thought that I won’t be drinking much there (also my grandpa died a week earlier so I obiovsly wasnt in mood), and won’t be using tinder. On a concert page on facebook I posted message “hey, If you also dont have company for tonight DM me, we can create a group for spending this timw togheter :)”
So couple of people message me and we met 1 hour before concert… in the pub. When I sat down time stopped. I saw this boy looking at me and I knew that everything will be okay.

He was having really healthy lifestyle - gym, good diet, bike, and not really into alcohol. Only cigarettes but not much. I was really impressed. Also we had a lot in common. After a week we met again and he became my boyfriend.

We are for almost 2 years now and gosh seriously… my life had change in so many ways.
First of all - I quited smoking, after like 3 months of our relationship (1 year and half without ciggy), and I motiveted him to quit as well (for him its almost 1 year)
Second and most important - I STOPPED DRINKING. My main problem was I couldn’t drink like only 1 or 2 drinks/beers and I was always wasted. Now I am drinking only glass of wine when in the occasion like someone’s birthday. And I am not missing drinking!! My love shown me different world, supports me.
I started healthy life style as well, trying tk be active (gym, bike, hiking) I loose some kilograms, I took care of my diet, and have a really good job.

Never felt more happy!!
I know that some people can judge me that I still have sometimes this glass of wine, but I really don’t care. I just wanted to share my story.
Everyone have a different kind of hope. My hope for change was in the person who I love the most in the world, he gave me hope for better life.

And now I want to show you how my appearance changed

Before the change happen
This is returning home from party, I was looking like a hobo

Now !!

Btw sorry for my english - it’s not my native language.


Great job and great transformation !

So what, it actually is nice to see a succesful moderation story. Pretty rare ! But if it works for you that’s just great :slight_smile:


You look great, so different from before! Having a partner definitely changes things! I’m glad you’re happy and could establish a healthy relationship with alcohol - that’s something I always try to do but somehow could never achieve … much love and good wishes :heart:

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Wow what a transformation. I love happy endings :blue_heart:

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