How many days does everyone have? Don't be shy!


53ish days


937 and going strong!! Keep it up everyone , your alot stronger then you guys think you are!!:purple_heart:


111 days !!! :smiley:


I’m at 6 days. And for me, THAT’S AMAZING! Wow I’m actually really proud of that. Usually I get to 2 or 3 days at maximum.


I’m at 302 days.
Just want to say I really admire all of you who keep trying after a relapse. To everyone who has just started at day zero again: You’re amazing for not giving up and for trying in the face of defeat.


Day 34! And very energetic, happy and full of joy. Yesterday I was to a concert of The Kooks (was fantastic) with my 14 year old son. When I was still be drinking/smoking weed he would never went to this concert with me…I’m so grateful for the decision to quit forever…I got my life, (my own) dignity and kids back :pray::sparkling_heart:!!


Day 58 x and loving my new life x


C’Mon! I can easily get to a city in an hour, in any direction. Give Nebraska a break!


“City”. You mean like Alliance? Home of carhenge


Killing me, Smalls… Omaha has a whopping 470,000 people! And they have a ball of stamps here!


54 days clean and sober


Three weeks today (y)


Today is day 2

PS New to app/forum… I found out the number of ‘likes’ are limited. I’m on a time-out for another 7-8 hours :flushed::joy:


Day for finishing early tomorrow. Bumpy ass ride lol


20 days today


Day 1 again. I’ve been half-heartedly “quitting” for months now, between drinking and bulimia. I realize I can’t beat my ED without quitting drinking first. Last night was rough and I have had it with living like this, it’s not living. I’m trying to be kind to myself today, but I’m a little emotionally tender. Anyway, I’m committed to today, and I’ll commit to tomorrow in the morning, afternoon, and evening.


It is the same for my disease, alcohol has to go before I can make other better choices. I believe if you focus first on sobriety, it will get better with your ED as well. Take care love

I’m in day 45, longesr I’ve ever been without drinking.


Thank you, that means a lot to me that you replied.


486 days of freedom. Never want to put those chains on, again.


Day 60. Back to work tomorrow. Its a good thing to not be hungover after the weekend. Monday warrior mean mean stride