How many days, months, or years have you been clean and sober?


You’ve got this!!! :slight_smile:


110 days today!


I understand your environment. My grandfather immigrated to the US from Peru, and when I was growing up we were part of the Pan American Society, really just a large group of people from various Spanish-speaking South, Central, and North American places. They had a party every weekend. These were day-long parties with guitars and singing and drinking and dancing. We went to every little event. Everyone drank, all the time, anywhere and everywhere. They even took us kids to their parties when they rented out hotel ballrooms and big-band music. In the midst of all this, my grandmother quit drinking. It wasn’t made a big deal to us kids, but now I know she had cirrhosis. All I knew then was that for the first part of my life, my grandmother always had a Coors Light in her hand, and for the second half of my childhood she had a Sharps (NA beer) in her hand at all times.

Now that I’m going through this myself, I can’t believe she was able to do that. She hosted parties for drunken friends and family all the time, without drinking herself. I so wish I could talk to her about this, and ask her how she did that.

People here say “change your people, places, and things” so that you surround yourself with sober people and situations. But I think that’s very hard when your entire culture drinks and parties like that. I hope you can be strong like my grandma was.


481 days no alcohol. Unfortunately I havent been able to kick the coke habit. Things r just getting worse.


I my God! This is exactly how it is , my sister in law just came to my sons graduation and as always is a non stop drinking , eating out and spending time all together. I just came home ,early , with my oldest son who has a cast in his leg. But they all stay downtown because there’s like a festival. 2 weeks ago I would probably had stayed at least for a couple of hours … but here I’m in my bed sober and spending some time with my boy. And this was my drink a little blueberry syrup with some seltzer water … i have to say I wanted to Drink a few times but overall I had a decent time ! One more day !!
And I will keep in mind your grandma cause honestly … I need to remain sober and this is my family. !


my view ! I was a little anxious , but my kids played in the pool and I had a Diet Coke. I hope one day I can seat here and relax not thinking of a glass of wine.


In 26 minutes I will have one more day, and I’m about to fall asleep so it’s a good chance I’ll get there. My higher power looked out for me today and I didn’t drink. I think I will get up and do it all over again tomorrow.


10 months = 306 days


9 days sober


17 days sober from alcohol cold turkey :ok_woman:‍♀️


Day 5 so far. The longest I’ve done before was 7 days. I’m optimistic :slight_smile:


Day 5. 30 years of drinking is over. On to new things.


Don’t be disheartened , your time for freedom will come , like mine did , day 132 now


74 days :fire:


7 days sober today :slight_smile:


You will get there. Make sure you have the support you need :heart_eyes:


18 days this evening. Having been through 6 residential programs and relapsing almost immediately each time, putting down the bottle has historically felt impossible. Something clicked one evening in the middle of a month long bender that had progressed to at least 24 beers a day…I put it down and haven’t had even the slightest craving. I’m hopeful that this path will continue. If not, I’ll almost certainly wind up dead.


Keep it going @Seamus . I have had many relapses but the last one something seemed to click in place…I am now 6 months strong…I feel the best I have ever done… keep checking in.:grin:


2 years 2 months and 3 days


I am so happy for you that you were able to spend time downtown with your family and not drink! Then you spent quality sober time with your son, that’s so awesome. I wish I could ask my grandma how she did it, but at least I know she did do it, and so can you!