How many days, months, or years have you been clean and sober?


Yeah, I was.


Definitely welcome back


Yeah, thanks


6 days!!!



10 days strong :pray:t4:


25 days from Alcohol


I’m up to 9 days



150 days. Life is good.


365… WHAAAATT!!! :sunglasses:


32.5. Keeping my goals attainable looking forward to 45 days, before 90.


Day 1 again. This time it will stick. It has to


What are you gonna change up on this attempt? It doesn’t have to stick, lot of us have found that out the hard way, over and over again.

Not mocking, not being a troll, not being a dick as I’m genuinely intrested.


Planning. Lots of planning. Avoid risk situations and breath through urges. Have you any advice? Thanks


Can’t think your way into better acting, gotta act your way into better thinking. Plans are great, but they usually go to shit when the first shot is fired.

Have you tried AA, SMART or an IOP type program based on your addiction? Do you believe in a God or anything greater than yourself?

As detrimental and terrible as alcohol is, its the easiest path being able to cope with life and all it’s incumbent problems. It takes a lot of work on oneself get comfortable with yourself and the world around you without King Alcohol calling the shots.


I’ve just sign up to SMART. Planning on attending an online meeting tomorrow.


I have been a month clean of self harm and honestly I’m proud of myself I’m going to try and keep going and I hope everyone else does too and idc how long you have been clean or sober I’m proud because that means their is chances for getting better and that you are getting better so keep going too


365 days of getting after awesome. Fantastic job!


Day 2!!!
Keep Hammering!