How many days, months, or years have you been clean and sober?


109 days today by the grace of God. The first week was the worst time I had. On day 6 I went back to work and after work I saw every liquor store there was. Thank God for an audio big book and phone numbers it gave me 109 24 hours. I am thankful for all alcoholics anonymous my sponsor and the program. Saved my life for another 24 hours.


76 days alcohol free :slight_smile:


9 months and 5 days living life on life’s terms.


I’m on day 11 of no alcohol.


You will, if you don’t pick up and follow a program. Time takes time. We’ve all been exactly where yo are.


Today makes 101 days! The longest I’ve been sober in 11 years.


90 days today. :relieved:


298 daily reprieves for me. Through the rooms of AA I have acquired a sobriety toolbox. Everyday I open it up and use the new tools that has been taught to me by my sponsor. Grateful to Bill W. and Dr. Bob. These two gentlemen have saved my life. But for the grace of God go I. Have a blessed day everyone and above all be kind to yourself.


8 Days!!! Woot woot! Now I need to clean up the wreckage of my life.


Still sober?


A handful of “one day at a times”


That’s a couple 24 hours right there


That right there is impressive!


It’s a flippin miracle!


One year is so close


It goes so fast. I remember when we were celebrating our 6 months


22 working on day 23. Going pretty good too even though work was one for the record books this past week :confused:


3 Years - cant believe that being sober has changed so much in the last 3 years … I never thought it would get better and it has always trust God and believe in youreself - Your life will change if you make it happen and have the right support and follow the steps … truely grrrrreatful for my life …:sunglasses:



1 hour. Time for some serious changes😅