How many days, months, or years have you been clean and sober?


Nineteen days


One month 11 days still going strong!


I have one day. I continue to have over 8 years of sobriety from alcohol. An addict is an addict and I will abuse any mind altering substance. I keep thinking a different substance may have a different outcome. WRONG Hold on to your time. Much easier staying sober than getting sober.


This is great success, keep on rockin! Hope Y’all doin well MLB :slight_smile:


1.5 days sober. I know it is just the beginning, but truly hope it is a new beginning.


100 Days and counting


2.5 days from liquor, and 23 months sober from cocaine.


70 days! Woot woot!


I have been clean 35 days…im still struggling to get through the urge to drink…so much going on in my life…


6 days)))) Made it through my first weekend. Morning was difficult but going to our garden was a great way to occupy the time.


3 months, 2 days


550 days :sparkling_heart:


39 days strong


busted after 10 months now at day 4 :frowning:


keep it up… I busted 4 days ago after 10 months. it doesn’t get any better or doesn’t help going back out there… trust me. just keep praying… my thoughts are with you Tigerr


I’ve been sober 51 days today. The longest I’ve been sober in years


Today is Day 11. Woohoo!! Cravings are starting to really go away. My worst time is at night when I get off of work. I used to drink whiskey or vodka but I have found that I can drink a couple of Non-Alcoholic beers and it stops my cravings when I get off work. I don’t drink one every night, but when that craving hits or a dry thirst hits, the NA is actually refreshing.


186 days and still here :slight_smile:


328 for me.


1 year 2 months and 20 days :heart_eyes::innocent: