How many days, months, or years have you been clean and sober?


4 days and many more to go.


49 days sober. It’s a journey!


I just got 2 months November 9th!!! I’m so happy for you. We all can do this. Sobriety is so powerful. We are blessed. :heart:


11 days clean woot woot


I just made 7 days! I’m so happy that I can finally say this, it’s been 3 years and I’ve tried quitting countless times, this is my longest streak! Every day this week I questioned if I could do it. Almost texted my dealer a couple times, but instead called my mom. I didn’t believe it but it really does get easier. My cravings come less often, I’m starting to eat and sleep more regularly, and best of all I am not sleepwalking through my life. I feel in control for the first time in so long. I am so grateful to be alive!


Unfortunately I had a relapse with liquor. Back to square one, but not giving up. Feel as if this is harder to quit then cocaine ever was.


I’m 58 years old and just reached 9 months. This is my first attempt at sobriety, and I feel so much better. I really don’t think I could have done it earlier, as I had the common attitude that I wasn’t an alcoholic. I look forward to my meetings and commitments, and I cannot stay sober without staying involved. I truly believe that it is one day at a time.


66 days since my last AA birthday so adaat well done Billpipe


9 months today!


It’s much more abundant. By the time you read this is another day down. Best of luck.


Day 85 almost to 90!! :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:
Came off opiates & xans!!


57 days. :black_heart:


14 days!!:heart::heart::heart:


5 days no drinking :blush:


8 months and 13 days :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey, every day is a new battle. I’ve been away for a while from the forum, but this last week has been hell and while I sit here stuck in my feels and this shitty head space, I remembered that I’m one of literally MILLIONS of addicts with a shitty head space and I need to reach the fuck out to someone or something… Nothing changes unless something changes, ya know? I love this place because it’s a reminder that I’m not alone in this war. 6 days or 6 years, it doesn’t really matter when all is said and done. in the end of each day it just matters if I drank or used that day. Neither of those days is any more important than the other :slight_smile:


Hang in there
Your worth it…


Super Happy!


6 months today🎉


27 days… looking forward to my 30 day coin. Coming up quick!!