How many days, months, or years have you been clean and sober?


I am 41 days clean and sober today


417 - the day before Thanksgiving 2017


16 months… one day at a time. But for the grace of God go I


Half way through day 25 and still going strong, hopefully it stays this way


Day 16. This has probably been the longest i came for a long long while


I have been clean 91 days


Hey there,

My name is Chip M. And I have been sober 2 months 17 days. I’m in Los Angeles, CA.
A Christian program. This app and another one as me to geat a sponsor . My program as me to get a Mentor. Same-thing. I want to do something else at this put.


600 days !!


5 days going on 6 in 3 hours!!!


Amazing work :heart:


Fantastic work!!! Let us know how today is❤️


Good morning. As of today, I have been sober for 11 years 8 months.


Already created a separate topic but lemme just leave this here aswell


150 days today!!!


1 year 10 1/2 months alcohol free.


1 month 3 days!!!


Im going on 1 year 11 months on March 15 i will be two years. Its the longest i hace ever been sober! I was a very messed up individual most people dont even believe my stories… now i just want to help people :heart:


20 days! Still very early :smiley: But I’m feeling a lot better than last week and more peaceful


103 days sober. Life is good!


127 days today! It is definitely a struggle as I get closer to the six-month mark.