How many days, months, or years have you been clean and sober?


Seven days,yesterday with big ansiety, today criying but more determined and capable than ever.With the people of this group I feel I can archive it.:muscle::muscle::muscle:


123 days, and feel in shape ! :point_up::point_up_2::v::crossed_fingers::metal::metal::+1:


25 days today, I’ve only drunk 4 days in total in the past 76 days which is really good for me :slight_smile:



Thank you!


Sober 522 days. Clean 1196 days.



you can do it! Just remember it might feel like forever befor you start feeling better but once you do it only gets better! I am a few hours from day 4 and already just feeling so much better emotionally as a person. :heart:


10yrs, 6 months & 8 days free from opiates. 25 days free from alcohol (binge drinker). Feeling fantastic! Just need to get my sleeping patterns straightened out, which I know will come in time☺


Congrats !!! :smiley:


Day3 today for me


I’ve been crying a lot too.


Good job​:+1::+1::+1::+1:


5 days so far :blush:


It’s day 4


Today is day 8 :blush: I’ve had a super productive week and I’m feeling better and better with each day . I have Some temptations early evening but I just stay busy until it passes.


I’m 9 months and 9 hours sober as of now (alcohol). :tada:


766 days. feeling amazing.


Starting day 16 :heart:


Got thru 90 days!!

94 days now clean!!