How many days, months, or years have you been clean and sober?


3,283,200.00 seconds :pray:


if u did a year, u can deffinetly do it again


7.8 days. Feeling good. Day off alone tomorrow, but found a Charles Bukowski book at DAV thrift store, so looking forward to attacking that.


Well done .like you ive been on that great journey since 1986 all down to AA and doing the right things .

Meetings make it easier and make new friends who i still have all these years later .wish you well


7 days as of 7 am


389 days clean and sober :+1:


Hi, Englished. 4 sure! I need 2 run right now but I’m going to set up a reminder so this ol’ brain will remember 2 get back 2 u sooner!


Yes. New 2 this app. Need 2 make a habit of checking it every day or so. Glad 2 hear ur trudging along as well. Definitely beats any alternative :slight_smile:


9 days from everything including weed. 49 days no meth or alcohol