How many days, months, or years have you been clean and sober?


12 days without alcohol and I think there is only good things to come :slight_smile: I went to some friend’s house yesterday and Friday… It wasn’t easy to see everyone with a drink/high(weed), I had to go in another room, not because I wanted a drink but people were bothering me. And now it’s Sunday morning and i’m proud of myself! :fist:


Great work guys. Stay strong for a better life.:dizzy::green_heart: I am on 125th clean day :dizzy::slight_smile:


362 days! Almost at the magic year.


My one year anniversary of being sober was yesterday! I never thought I could make it to one year until I reached month 7 or 8. I use to drink 3 handles of rum a week. This is my first post, but I read everyone else’s posts nearly every day. So thanks for your support, even though you didn’t know you were all helping me in some way!


1229.88 days



You made it to a year ?


2y 9m 9d !!


I did indeed :slight_smile:


There is a string of sober days behind me. But the true answer is that I have been sober since I woke up this morning.


I am st 160 days and have honestly never felt better. The first couple months were definitely very difficult and some days are now better than others. Hang in there! The way my body has responded to not drinking has really been amazing.


122 days!:purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:


135 days :raised_hands:


@Indy nice. We’re close. I am on 133 days :innocent:


Congrats :facepunch: Feels alot better than the 1st week for sure


On Jan 1 13 years for me.
It’s awesome


This is my second day…


49 days whoop whoop


I just made 30 days sober today :blush:


21 days today; feeling strong, healthy, happy, and GREAT. I’m super lucky I have the support system I have–they’ve been nothing short of amazing. :man_dancing::man_dancing::man_dancing::man_dancing::man_dancing::dark_sunglasses: