How many days, months, or years have you been clean and sober?


I have 10days after resetting my click when had 290days.


Staying sober is not easy for me but I know that God does it for me one day at a time, I never believed that I could stay sober for more than 2 days.
I am sober now over 8 months and it feels great. It is good to see how others are also sober for long periods of time like you are


Thank you! Congrats on 8 months. Way to go!


Some days are harder than some other days.
But when I focus on, one day at a time, then it is possible. I am not sleeping yet so I could still lose my sobriety for today, so I can’t take it easy and say that everything will be okay without allowing my higher power to take care of me.


I’m working on my first day.


Today is day 20 for me!!! It’s been a daily struggle, but i am already seeing the physical changes as well as the emotional ones.


75 days and counting, I am so proud of us


You need not have joined this forum then :wink:


I think I have to decide lifelong every day that I will not drink today. So it does not matter how long a person is sober :v:


I welcome those with that experience to share with us. No matter the time you have in recovery you are one elbow bend from active addiction. That’s for us alcoholics anyway


I’ve been sober for today


62.52 days from alcohol. not an addict as such just alcohol and me = pain and heartache. hence no more beer :grin:


Almost 3 days, pray for me plz.


I have been sober for 33 days today. It’s been really hard as I had relied on alcohol to get me through everyday. Facing reality and true emotions have been a definite journey. Keep on keeping on :metal:


18.84 days in



12 days… Looking forward to my 2nd weekend in a row without booze. :pray:t3:


221 days, so a little over 7 months


4 months and 5 days :sunglasses::crazy_face::smile:


A little over 4 months from everything and 7 months from pot. I need to get a year someday soon. Edit: I haven’t touched hard drugs since January. I’m done with not being able to think!! Back at a week for pot and 5 days for alcohol though.