How many days y'all? (Part 1)

Today is 14,100 days clean and sober one day at a time


163 days sober! My journey feels like a rollercoaster at times. It’s a constant reminder that drinking is no option for me. No matter what.


Congrats @CleanJean on 4 months!!


Congrats @Remi on 4 months!


I am six days sober today. For the fifth or sixth time. I got up to 9 months on my last time before a six month relapse. But seeing a therapist now with a relapse prevention plan in place, joining chats like this and asking ALL of my friends and family for support. And trying to be kind and forgiving to myself. All we can do is keep trying. One day at a time.


Welcome @greatlakes to a wonderful sober community. Try new tools and see what works for you. Wish you well


I like my numbers today…


Day 1 again after 31 days clean.
Today I read this and helped me:
Bring Your Ideals to Life

There is a Zen story about two monks walking down a street after a heavy rain. Arriving at a corner, they came upon a beautiful girl in fine clothing unable to cross the muddy street without getting filthy.

“Here, I’ll help you,” said one monk. Lifting her in his arms, he carried her to the other side. The two monks walked in silence for a long time.

“We’ve sworn a vow of celibacy and are not supposed to go near women. It’s dangerous,” the second monk said to the first. “Why did you do that?”

“I left the girl back at the corner,” the first monk said. “Are you still carrying her?”

Sometimes, we may find ourselves in a situation where our ideals conflict. Being kind and loving to another person may conflict with our value of being committed and loving toward ourselves.

When one ideal imposes on another, then use your judgment. Do the right thing by others. Do the right thing by yourself too. Then let the incident pass and move on.

For the monks in our story, right action usually meant not having contact with women. However, when encountering a stranded person on the road, right action became helping others. Ideals remain. Right thought, right action, right speech—but the path to those ideals may twist and turn throughout life. Be sensitive and aware that you are following an ideal and not a rigid belief.

God, help me learn when it’s time to let go.


Let’s take some time to determine the ethics and ideals we want to live by, the code of conduct we want to follow. What’s of foremost importance to you, whether or not your dreams come true and you achieve your goals? Examples of ideals may be staying clean and sober, honoring your commitments to others, and honoring your commitment to yourself. Many people choose additional spiritual values, such as compassion, honesty, tolerance. Some people choose to live by an ideal they call “Christ Consciousness,” some “Buddha consciousness,” some the “Twelve Steps,” and some the Ten Commandments. List your ideals, and put that list with your list of goals. Let these ideals be a light that guides your path and allows you to live in harmony with others and yourself.

This inspiration is from
More Language of Letting Go: 366 New Daily Meditations.
© 2000 by Hazelden Foundation. All rights reserved.

Quoted from the app Inspirations.
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I love this story. I use it as a constant reminder to not dwell in the past and I share it with others when they are struggling to move on from something. It helps me most in interactions where I think people are short or rude to me.



Very very happy about this!!! :grin: God is good! We dont have to do this alone. God is always there waiting for us to ask for help and of course all of the helping hands on TS are to be celebrated too! Onwards and upwards - this is just the beginning!


Thanks so much!!


Finally had enough of the life I was living at 39 years old. Been clean and sober of alcohol, weed and cocaine for the last 8 days. More determined than ever to make this change. I’ve been filling my boredom with the gym and crime tv lol. Advice for anyone, make the change and put in the effort. YOU are worth it!!:heart:


Congrats on your 8 days :fireworks:
Your doing amazing :+1:


Congratulations on your decision not to be a slave to any substance. I’ll keep you in my prayers and when times get tough just remember the bad times only last so long and you’re stronger than your struggle.

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Thank you so much, that means more than you know!

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Thank you!!:heart:

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6915 days today.
On the 16th of April it’ll be 6935 or 19 years af :innocent:&:smiling_imp:


Can barely believe I’ll have 4 years alcohol free in just over a couple of months. Not bad for someone who couldn’t break the 3-5 day relapse mark repeatedly for quiiiiite a long time. Plenty of regrets when drinking, can’t say there’s been many while sober!!


19 years coming up, wowwee!