How this app is helping you in getting clean?

Can anyone tell how this app is helping you in getting sober ??


Another member just started this thread the other day and the question he asks is very similar to yours. I think you’ll find a lot of answers to your question in this thread :point_down:


This app allows me to take daily account of my life and the triggers that can lead to drinking.

It’s a form of social media for specific topic.

I don’t attend AA meetings and seldom go to SMART online marketings so this allows me to connect with others.

Sadly sometimes this app can be a reminder of how bad shit is when you are drinking or taking drugs because you read the posts of people that have slipped.

I use the journal in the app to log my day.

Tips and watchouts on here are great.

Also the bits of fun stuff is a nice element as well.

I have very rarely come across anyone on her that I think is being an arsehole (unlike literally every other media platform)


For me it’s the support and knowing I’m not alone. I had NO IDEA that there were so many people out there just like me. And I spent so many years feeling ashamed which led to more drinking. If only I had known…


This app, chiefly this community, was paramount in my sobriety early on because of its wealth of information as well as bonds created with other community members. I’ve tried to go it alone before and I was lost. This gave me the direction I sorely needed.


It’s my only support, from some very wonderful, loving caring non judgmental people from all over the world. I feel I spend too much time on here most days. It’s a small price to pay for 650 days no alcohol. When I think, maybe, I’m helping someone with their sobriety then I’m helping myself. We are stronger in numbers.


Yes if we stick with this app it can make you sober…

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I think this really is the best way to phrase it for me.

I don’t do AA. My wife still drinks, although very rarely. She is very proud of my sobriety but she’s always been able to control her drinking so she doesn’t really understand what my sobriety means to me. I don’t have any friends who are sober. So, you guys are my sober friends and family.


Community is very supportive
There is always someone to talk
One cannot feel lonely by talking here…


TS is a MAJOR tool for my sobriety. I’m here everyday and don’t plan to ever leave. I’m proud of my sobriety and others here, and am no longer afraid to reach out for support. Also, one of my most golden nuggets I live by. . . “Not drinking today, and probably not drinking tomorrow.” I got here. (Thanks, Eric)


Really this application is very good. The people here on the community are very nice. Very supportive.


Starters take advice and courage from oldie sobers and oldies read what starters go through so they remember the mess and not to fall again.:slightly_smiling_face:


For the first time in my life…I didnt feel alone


Sometimes I feel we’re living the same story. Except my wife is definitely an alcoholic. And she is very proud of my sobriety.

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I feel the same way!

She drank like a fish when I was still drinking but that’s because I was such a bad influence. I also suspect a lot of it had to do with not wanting to be sober around a drunk person all the time. It’s just another reason my drinking was so bad for everyone.

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I was a pretty bad influence with almost everyone I drank with. I know my drinking has cost other people their jobs because they were drinking with me. I’m not proud of that. But I know their job was not my responsibility. But I still felt bad about it. Wifey is definitely drinking less. But still swimming in the ocean. To this day I never understood why people would want to try and keep up with my drinking. I guess that addictive brain has no reasoning capabilities. And that’s why God willing I’ll never have just one. Can’t do it. Never could. Probably never will. I’m not willing to risk it.


I feel like there is a group of people cheering me on in my sobriety journey.

I am happy to cheer others on.

There have been times when I wanted a drink and I came on here and straightaway people brought support and sense.

Newcomers and relapsers keep me grounded of what it was like and could be like again

After a while u start to care about how peoples’ lives are going


It helps keep me accountable in my recovery. Helps me to know how much time I have because to me it’s important to keep track. I have support that I don’t get anywhere else since I only go to zoom meetings online and cut everyone off since I got clean. I get to help people in their recovery and I can spread the message of what I did to stay sober so I can help the next addict/alcoholic.


Well this group and the app is all I got to hold me accountable if I try to slip with my self-harm again I really can’t talk about this my issues with my family so to come on here and see other people. Going through the same thing as me it’s more easy to keep clean and stay on the right track

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Every time I leave the app, I relapse. So, there’s that.