How to deal with guilt?


Hi lovelies.

Question, how do you deal with guilt about the people you have hurt in your past?

I put my ex through so much shit last year, and although she has forgiven me (and maybe one day we could get back together), that can’t happen if I don’t forgive myself?

Any advice will help.
Thank you x


I read something recently that stuck with me. It talked about how the true injustice was how many times we beat ourselves up for the same mistake. We can’t change the past, but the best apology I’ve ever found is changed behavior. Makes sense to me that if I’m living a different way, I’ve changed things to stop the hurt cycle and in that I found I deserved forgiveness too. I had to let go of the past to keep moving forward. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


It definitely does. I can’t stay stuck in the past… Thank you. I think I am actually going to write a letter to my past self.
Appreciate your words of wisdom. X


Fantastic idea, I get SO much out in writing! Another thing you can do is after you write it, it sounds a little weird but you could burn it and say goodbye to that life after you write out all the things you need to let go. It’s not your life anymore! It really helped me when I did this too.


Yes, yes and yes!
I will do just that x


Hey there! So I took a yoga class yesterday where we talking about the importance of distinction. How defining things specifically is one of the most important things we can do in our practice. Playing our edge is different from pushing as hard as we can…or pain vs. suffering. Pain is something that is present in our lives from time to time and is one of our most beautiful teachers, suffering Is a negative mental state that many of us put ourselves into when we meet up with pain and keep ourselves there. Guilt vs. shame. Guilt is feeling badly about something we’ve done in the past, shame is thinking that we ARE those bad deeds. Feeling guilty about past actions is ok, it reminds us of what we no longer want to do or be. But, if we refuse to feel shame, then we can simply use those feelings of guilt to be a better person who learned from those mistakes and has upped the caliber of our character. You are not your past mistakes…you are the person that learned from them and is doing better now. Hope this helps. Good luck out there today!
Much Love,


Ely, such profound words.
This is definitely something I will keep reminding myself of.
Thank you xxx