How to deal with withdrawal

Hey everyone I have been sober for a day now and my withdrawals are really bad. Is there anything to do to help make it easier?


Congratulations on your first day. Each moment is a success when you first begin. I’m not sure what you are withdrawing from, but for me distraction was key. Mind numbing distraction, if at all possible. Shower even if you don’t feel like it. That fresh feeling can add a little bit. Hydrate. Get whatever sleep you can. Be kind to yourself. You are doing the most important thing you can do for yourself right now.


Thanks, my withdrawal is do to alcohol. Not sure if it’s as bad as it actually is or if I’m just really in my head.

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It’s different for all of us. And it depends on your body and how much you used to drink how bad the physical withdrawals will be. For really heavy drinkers the symptoms can be really serious, life threatening even. That’s why there are places for clinical detoxification from alcohol. So if in doubt if you body can cope please contact a doctor if you can.
I drank quite a lot, but not enough to have serious physical withdrawals. And I think I was pretty well prepared mentally to be quit so it wasn’t so bad for me. So much is in the head. In the mindset. Get that right makes half the work done. Congrats on making it through to day 2. If you can do one day you can do another Laura. Success.


Try your best not living this difficult time alone

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What are your symptoms? If they are bad, a doctor can give you medicine to help.

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