How to find a sponsor any help?

Please help I need to find a sponsor or someone to talk to

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I think at most meetings there is a list available for temporary sponsors. But a temporary sponsor is for the first few days weeks. To pick a sponsor I would attend a few meetings and see who you see having success in recovery. You will notice it in people. Will they be perfect most definitely not.


I found mine by simply announcing at the beginning of the meeting that I didn’t have a sponsor yet or whenever they ask if there are any announcements is good too. Just have to muster up the courage to ask :smiley:


Im with the guys above go to meets and your sure to find a sponsor best of luck

I agree, the easiest way is probably to just go to a meeting and share that you’re new and you need a sponser. People will very likely reach out to you. I’m not sure if it varies by location, but in my area people are really enthusiastic about sponsering and love it when newcomers ask for help. If it’s an emergency you can also call AA help line for your area (I think it’s a help line anyway), and they can talk to you and help you make connections.