How to leave a drug

I m trying to leave a drug in get my life back

You need to leave everything associated with that drug. Your friends, dealers etc… its like leaving a gurl u dated for years n kept going back to for the same problems yet u love her its toxic. You have to block it and move on and relearn life sober… it gets better it may seem hard at first. Even leaving that loved one hurts at first but over time u get over it…


Exactly feels like your mourning someone close to you. It’s hard. I’m 120 days off meth and I don’t think I could have done it, if I didn’t cut all my drug mates out. Sad but true. They are still doing it. And I feel like I’m missing out. But it’s a hard life having a drug habit. Most of these people don’t have jobs. Or they work but there body’s are slowly giving up on them, like look older than what they are. There is always a price to pay. My ex now wants to get off it, because he sees how good I’m doing. Iit’s harder for him because he has been mates with these people for all his life. I basically only knew them for about two and half teasers. But when I gave up. I still felt that I was loosing so much. It’s crazy. Today I still crave really badly but I make it harder for myself to get it. Each time I got closer to quiting, the experience got less and less fun if you know what I mean. So that helped too.