How to pass the time

78 days. This is the longest I have managed to make it in the last decade without using a substance of some sort. Staying sober is the easy part for me, this time around, because i finally reached a point that I was exhausted, sick of living every day chasing drugs. What I am finding to be the most difficult is getting out of bed, showering, living some sort of life. Often I find it hard to locate the energy to leave the house, much less have any kind of social life, or life at all. I spend my days lazy, watching movie after tv show after movie on Netflix, or sleeping. This has been an issue for me in the past, but eventually I would dig myself out of the rut and venture out into the world again, but it often also included using some kind of drug. I don’t even know where to begin to see what it is that I might enjoy doing these days. I have read a couple books, but other than that and tv, I have accomplished nothing. Once upon a time I enjoyed the outdoors, being around other people, exercising, the beach, fishing, swimming, traveling, but so many of those things often included drinking and using drugs. Reinventing myself, sober, has become a task I’m not sure how to begin. Please tell me I’m not the only one suffering through this. First of the year I plan to start looking for employment again, I just wanted to give myself until then to get somewhat stable in my sobriety, before throwing myself back into the workforce. It was time I tried something different, because clearly nothing I did in the past was working.


You are NOT the only one. It sucks. What worked for me. . . Faking it until you make it. I had to force myself to get out of the house and find community with other sober people. Even if just for an hour a day. Also, after sober for a few months, seeing a psychiatrist and getting additional help. Alcohol is such poison. It takes time to rewire our brains even after the initial withdrawal. Hang in there. Take some baby steps and get out there and connect. Connection with others in sobriety is the opposite of addiction.


What helped me…finding a recovery group. It goes past the “actual program”. Its about being around people that: 1) 100% understand where you are at, and 2) you will find people with the same interests as you.


THIS!! I still fake it some days after having 18 months in. I can tell you, speaking from 1st hand knowledge, you will get back to showering every day and it gets easier