How to stay sober from opioids 😞

In 2 hrs. It will be 4 days for me. These whole 4 days I haven’t wanted to get high as much as I do now. What now​:disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:

I’m sorry you feel that way, however please remember that it’s the part of your brain that is having to function to create your own opioid again.
Using makes the brain lazy and think ‘oh I’ve already got that, so I don’t need to function’.
It’s just tricks of the mind telling you it’s being lazy.
Kinda like stomach surgery but without putting in the effort of losing weight. That’s pretty much what your brain is trying to trick you into.

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Your body is wanting a quick fix, that’s all.
Try using a multivitamin (I use berrocca), boost your vitamin A, B complex, and D (sunlight).
Go for a hike or paint a mural. Find something that gets you motivated, completely away from your normal routine.
You’ll come back with memories that you will treasure.

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Welcome Liz!
I’m 3 years free from opiods and those early days are still fresh in my mind. What helped me was to immerse myself into a program of recovery and completely change my way of thinking. My program consisted of 12 weeks of IOP followed by a 12 step program which I continue to do daily.