How to turn off the switch?

Back to the start again it’s like 6pm the switch starts I’m like a robot into the car buy 2 bottles of wine home to put the kids to bed and drink my head is saying no but I’m moving automatically how do I make it stop


Get food instead

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Just go to McDonald’s and fill up

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You need a new ritual. My drinking ritual started at 5:30 pm every weeknight and somewhere between 2pm and 4pm on weekends, and concluded when I was passed out in my chair.

When I first quit, I was pacing like a tiger in a cage, during those times when I’d previously performed my drinking ritual. I realized I needed to be doing something else, somewhere else, during those times. I started a new ritual. I walked for 60-90 minutes while listening to podcasts. Later, I started martial arts classes. New ritual helped me tremendously.


I have kids in bed and really can’t talk can I just listen until it’s comfortable?

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Thank i think I’m going to start that I have a back injury at the moment but can still do like 15 min to see if it will work thank you

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How do I do it?