How we deal with anger

How do some of you deal with anger in early sobriety. Is it normal to be angry?

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Pause… ive learned to wait before reacting. Im allowing a nice young black man, a friend and coworker of my daughters stay here until he gets back on his feet. Yesterday when it was brought to my attention that he was profiled simply bec of his skin color and dreads, raising concern among my neighbors bec he went for a walk I saw RED and wanted to tell off those racist assholes. I’ll figure out how to handle them but I have to wait until I’m calmer


Yea. I got to get some patience right now. Sorry to hear about your situation. I guess having compassion for others is something we gotta have to not collect resentments. Gotta stay positive right now. We gotta forgive :pray:

a few things that helped…

I did much deep breathing exercises.

Meditations and reflections helped.

I would try to put myself in the other person’s position.

I realized that me being right at the cost of my sanity was not worth it (and accepted it when i was in the wrong)

These practices have helped get my anger in control and now i find that i’m no longer have short nerves and am not quick to jump to anger.


Yea the anger just comes in waves. Maybe is early sobriety. Glad you got it under control

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Maybe some meditation will help. Maybe i will shut off the brain for awhile.

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