Hungover drinking

One of my biggest triggers for drinking is being hungover. I hate the anxiety and physical pain that accompany hangovers and just know that sinking a 6 pack will get rid of it immediately.

I’m on day one now so did feeling incredibly hungover - nothing like going out on a bang, right? - but not drinking means I’ve got to try and deal with the awfulness sober for the first time in a long time.

It fucking sucks and I’m really struggling.


It gets so much better though. Youll get better sleep and waking up not hungover feels so great. Its not easy, but worth it.


The discomfort will be very short-lived when compared to the payoff. Find strength in your ability to whip the hangover with the hair of the proverbial dog. And when you feel that strength, go for a hike.
*or other pleasurable physical activity
Kudos to you! The last hangover is well worth putting up with. :call_me_hand:t2:

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Tons of water…and get out and sweat the poison out…I always feel so much better after drinking so much water I’m drowning in it and going for a short run just to get everything circulating…laying around and “sleeping it off” only makes me feel worse because there I am stuck in my misery waiting for it to end…whether ultimately detrimental or not, I feel like exercise is taking an active step toward my own health and recovery and it makes me feel 100% better…plus it will help u sleep better as well.

It’s really not awful. You have a few days of hangover to get through. It’s seeming like an uphill struggle but push through and the top is closer than you think right now.

Once you hit the top of the hill you’ll notice the strain you were feeling is disappearing take in the view in front of you, a brighter better life is possible, keep stepping forward, this is your first step forward.