I Am Crazy AF


But also, Alcohol Free.
And in a trying to conceive communities, Aunt Flow.

So I could be crazy AF while remaining AF while my AF is three days early.

Ya know? :wink:


Totally, but as it relates to this thread creates by me it means as fuck. :grin:


By FAR my favorite use!


I never get the aunt Flo bit. I am so vulgar on top of being crazy AF. I have always called it my rag.


I hate the entire vocabulary of trying to conceive, like just use the words that make sense and stop talking about baby dancing, you crazy bitches :roll_eyes:


So, my guilty BBC pleasure is people on the ttc board because I like poas and tweaker posts along with all the crazy symptom spotting posts durring the ttw. By far the most amusing part of my pregnancy was accidentally discovering the May 2018 birth club and all the other fun.


I don’t know why it’s so comforting to know someone else speaks this language, lol. We are about to start trying again (stopped for obvious reasons) and I’m going to try not to lose my damn mind about it but like, I’m also crazy AF :joy:


Oh, my, well have fun dtd and fingers X! Baby dust performs stupid little dance while pretending to be a semen sprinkling tinkerbell


Ah, @MissJ! I also speak the language. Thirteen cycles of fertility drugs, 3 failed IUIs, and a hysterosalpingogram while we were TTC.:worried:. I was so damn sick every time I saw AF. Finally though…success! Please feel free to vent to me any time it feels too much.

Having said that - I’m so excited that you are trying to have a baby. What a lucky little person it would be to have you for it’s Mama❤️.


Thanks for the info. I never could thought was that. Now I know


Thank you so much, @MoCatt! I think my husband and I are in a way better place than we were last time we started trying, but it’s so scary. I have always known I could have a hard time with this because of endometriosis and some other risk factors but I wasn’t prepared for the weight of the emotions around that. I’m reading lots of books and trying to remember it’s science, not me being a failure if it doesn’t happen. I’ll definitely be taking you up on that offer!