I Am Crazy AF


Well, what happened?


I was the same way…grungey down and dirty messed up guys for years…lots of bad choices. My second husband is an electrical engineer…total geek…everyone was so surprised. He is rock solid though…despite his drinking issues. It has been an interesting 20+ years!


Definitely not. I went the water up the nose route for years. You get some crazy stories with that shit.


Well, they were not all bad choices per say, my daughter’s father laid flooring and then advanced to doing insurance inspections of flooring. My current baby’s daddy is a shipyard nuclear mechanic. They both made decent money, they just didn’t spend it well and we had some problems communicating. I, uh, I am the common denominator there, so maybe it is more like I am a bad communicator. My happiest relationship was the functional polyamorous one where I dated a student that worked at a nursing home and then later became a nurse. His wife worked at labcorp processing all sort of freaky stuff and her other bf was a freelance nerd of some kind of tech that was over my head. I was only sexual with the nurse but the 4 of us did a lot of social things together. None of them were my usual MO but I had so much fun with them. We only broke it off because I moved. What is funny is I rarely talk to my ex but I speak to his wife on hangouts all the time.


My choices were usually bad…my first husband tried to kill me…speaking of crazy AF and I supported the family. He was a charmer though. Next guy was sweet to me, very calm, which I needed, but like having another child. Then I just kind of went off the rails dating strange folk for awhile…of course I was no different…so.

Many of my polyamorous friends and family are good at communicating and I have learned a lot of helpful cohabiting stuff from them…especially my bestie, tho I see her a lot less since we moved to Florida, she used to come over every Wed night for years (she lived off grid in the woods and in open marriage) so she had her spa date at my house with the big tub and pizza delivery and her hubby and gf had their night. She is always the voice of reason when I get my panties in a bunch.


Nice. :grin: poly people are special. I really felt like they taught me great communication skills. I went to ridiculous amounts of relationship workshops and stuff. All I can say is with my most recent ex the problem in hindsight is that he was poly tolerant and just missed the ethical element and I didn’t meet him through the community and he was “single”. I think there is a lot to be said for dating people who already have partners because then you know if you can talk to them and check their comfort level with everything before you proceed. I just felt like I was ready for a primary relationship at the time and felt like he understood our agreements. He probably did, he just didn’t honor them when he decided I was a huge liar about my drinking. Smh. Time to be alone for a long while.


Being alone is a good thing. I spent a good while alone, tho dating, before I met my current husband. It was really good for me…one can only imagine how much better it would have been if I was even remotely sober.

Poly people are definitely special. My stepson is poly, so I may be a tad biased. :heart_decoration:


Your picture (feet) made me smile. I can vividly remember having those kind of feet when I was pregnant with my daughter. I was at a blues festival at one point - it was the summer, it was hot and I looked like a pregnant and moody hobbit.

Do post about your ice cream party. I have just started my fast for Lent, so no sugar for me, but I will celebrate your big day with you in my thoughts.


No sugar free sorbet?


I dont believe women should be preachers, because the bible says they shouldnt, and apparently she wanted to be a pastor one day so she did not like that haha. She said i was sexist and all sorts of junk. I believe all men and women are equal under Christ but we have different equally important roles. Preaching is a man’s role.


Lol, I would have loved to be a fly on the wall for that conversation.


I’m not sure I agree with that scriptural interpretation. Miriam, Deborah, Naodiah, and an unnamed “Prophetess” in Isaiah, all demonstrate that the Lord will call and use the willing, be they men or women. The women weren’t just preachers or rabbis. They were full-fledged prophets, God’s messengers to His people.

This wasn’t limited to the Old Testament. There’s Anna, the prophetess, mentioned in Luke.

Also, consider who actually brought the news of Resurrection. It was two women, Mary Magdelene, and another woman named Mary. It was a woman who first delivered the “good news” to the 11 apostles. Lest we forget, they weren’t convinced until Jesus appeared before them.

Think about that. What message was God sending to the people, that He chose to first reveal himself resurrected, to two women? In a patriarchal society, that was a powerful statement.

And then there’s my personal experience. We have an associate pastor at my church, a woman, who is a fantastic preacher. Her sermons are awesome. They are delivered in a way that really convicts and challenges worldly thinking.

Just saying.


None of your examples lead a church. Women can go soul winning and spread the word, they dont lead a church though. 1 Corinthians 14:34. Also when the bible talks about the qualifications to lead a church it says “the husband of one wife”(1 timothy 3:2). Women are great and can spread the word and help guide people, but there role is not to be a head of church. If you can show scripture that says women are allowed to lead a church go for it. If you can’t, then its not biblical and just what the world wants. If people want to have a woman lead their church, and it helps them get closer to God, good for them. I would never go to it though and disagree with it.


This thread is great! It’s taken so many twists and turns and I love the respectful debates. I also really enjoy communicating with all the people on here. Crazy AF for life! Yeah! :rofl:


I really want a t-shirt, or maybe even a hoodie that says Retired Blackout Artist! I noticed that the first time even perused the forum.


Ah…well there are a couple of problems with what you are using as the basis for this argument. First, what Paul was arguing is that women should never be in a position of spiritual authority over a man. He also argued that Pastors should be married, so this excludes unmarried men. Yet, he himself was unmarried, so his argument excludes himself from being in spiritual authority.

Secondly, you have to understand the context surrounding each one of Paul’s letters. 1 Corinthians was written to the Church in Corinth, to address issues that were germane to that particular church. The Greeks were much less patriarchal than were Hebrews. Paul had to give specific direction because the greek women of that Church wanted full “Demos” culturally, as well as spiritually.

In Galatians 3:28, Paul writes that there is no difference between Jew or Greek, Male or Female, Slave or Free. This may seem to contradict his letter to the Corinthians, until you consider that the Galatians weren’t beset by issues of “uppity women trying to lead the church, arguing over mundane things such as hairstyles”. They were challenged by a cultural caste system which threatened the unity of that particular church.

If one does not consider the situational, cultural, educational, and spiritual contexts under which the various epistles where written, one can draw an incomplete or incorrect conclusion as to what guidance we are to draw from the passage.


I have no educated feelings about this or a desire to be a preacher. I’ll eat popcorn and enjoy a friendly debate of the topic though.


I found it in Pinterest. I’m sure you could have a tee shirt made. I have a whole board on my Pinterest page that is titled Bitchin’ sober stuff.


Apologies for hijacking your Crazy AF thread with a deep theological discussion. We can move it if you’d like.


I am a catholic woman and I agree with you.
Go figure: I have not embraced all doctrines (nor do I intend to.)