I am Miriam from México

So glad there are so many people from so many places here. :heart:
I can get the gist of a certain amount of what is written in Spanish. Google translate fills in some of the other blanks. But definitely not enough.


I’m typing in Spanish using the English setting on my phone. So it may not translate exactly. I’d have to change the settings on my phone to get the accents in certain words

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Are you typing in English and it’s auto translating to Spanish?

No, I’m typing it in spanish. I’m fluent

Ah ok. Yeah I understand your post now
I was thinking that there was an awesome feature I didn’t know about.
How cool would that be if it did that :slightly_smiling_face:

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The long press on my phone’s keyboard has a variety of accents, etc for letters that might need them.
Like ñ ß œ ó ôå æ ç ü
I actually just figured that out recently.

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