I broke after 45 days

How do I stop? I can’t seem to stop

45 days is pretty impressive. I think anyone that can make it 21 days has a huge likelihood of success in quitting for good.

It takes 21 days for a neuron to form. You keep doing this and your brain will rewire itself. Before you know it, you’re a new person.


You made it 45 days, that’s an accomplishment. What were you doing that got you to 45? Why did/or do you think you drank?

And the most important question, what are you willing to do going forward to make your sobriety the number 1 thing in your life?

AA, IOP addiction based counseling changed my life. Maybe it could help you too.

You stop by saying “no” to the drink that matters…the first drink, and by saying “no” to the hardest person to say “no” to…yourself. You do this every time you face the drink that matters, because every time you do, you win.

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You already did stop, you’ve had a set back .the important thing you you get back up and keep moving forward. You know what got you to 45 days, you can do it again

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Thank you. Just feeling like crap at the moment. Normal hangover stuff. Shakes. Anxiety. I have a friend coming over in a bit to help

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