I busted on the weekend


Quitting drinking is something I don’t have a problem with… Staying quit is.
It’s getting dangerous and affecting my life and happiness.

So…i made the call to get into a live-in rehab. I need to be away from work and all the shit we deal with each day just surviving. I admit i am powerless over it. Been doing AA, but need more. The help is there for a reason so I’m taking it.
To be honest, I’m kind of looking forward to it.
I have people who love me that don’t need to see me killing myself.
They deserve it. I deserve it.
I have a better life to live just waiting for me to grab with sober hands.
Alcohol isn’t even fun anymore.
The return on investment is shithouse… Yet here i am struggling with something so obviously depressive and lacking in enjoyment. Crazy.

Thanks all.

Facing relapse and how to break the cycle

This is so true. I am so proud of you, my friend. I admire your honesty with yourself and taking the initiative to do whatever is necessary. I (and I’m sure everyone) is pulling for you. :hearts::rainbow::bird::muscle::muscle:


Good on you for doing this, it’s kind of exciting, you get to focus on YOU. I hear you on work. I booked today sick and tomorrow too.


For… Real…
I’m happy to see you :purple_heart: I’m happy to hear all this.


Do what you need to do to stay sober. Sending strength your way!


Hey @AyBee, you sound really positive and resolved. I hope you get the time and space you need to make things work out for you. Many thoughts


Dude, every line of this is quotable. Props for calling an audible and getting down to brass tacks. For sure setting aside all the noise to focus on recovery can only make all the rest lighter in the long run.

Super excited for you, @AyBee! :heart: :v:


Wish I’d made the decision sooner.
But i would suggest that if it’s gotten to the point of needing it then it could always have been done sooner.

Thanks for the positive thoughts everyone.
I really do care a lot about the TS community and the wonderful people i have met here.


Yeah. I was one who got a little help then said, “I got this!” I didn’t “got this” and had to waste a few more years before waking up and doubling down.

That isn’t all a bad thing, though. It’s a reminder. That today is worth it. That I don’t have to do that shit anymore. That, god help me, it could always have been later, too.

So I’m sober and sticking to it today, whatever it takes. Already have the better part of a year to be grateful for instead of whatever fresh hell drinking all this time woulda bought me. And that alone is a bloody miracle!


We are right where we are supposed to be. Do you know when you are off?


I should get the call back from the intake team today, but there is generally a wait.

Am sober now and will remain such.
I don’t need to detox so will arrive there in good shape to just get on with it.
Will actively involve myself in everything.
I’m paying for this out of my own pocket and will get the most out of it i can


Exactly friend, I’m proud of you :hugs:
Take every help you can get, you deserve a healthy sober and happy life.


Things will work out doing the right thing , your lucky when i got sober there was only AA available but today there are plenty of other places to go to wish you well


@AyBee. Truer words have never been spoken. “Wish I’d made the decision sooner.” I made a shit show of my life before I admitted I had a serious problem. Wish I’d made the decision sooner. Glad you figured that out earlier on. I wish you all the best in your recovery!!!


@AyBee be like



Step One done.
Had the talk with my boss to warn i will need to take a couple months off at short notice, but can’t confirm dates yet. She it totally fine with that. Said it was a serious medical issue without needing to be more specific.
Benefit of working in same business for 10 years is that i have over 100 sick days i can use so can still get paid.

Doctor next on list to discuss getting the treatment covered with a medical certificate. Should be fine, but still anxious as fuck.

Then get entry date.
Excited scared

Haven’t slept


Man, this is living the fight. This is doing whatever it takes. Pay attention people!

Glad you are doing this for yourself man!


Super proud of you man, you are doing whatever it takes and those are some big and amazing steps my friend!!! :heart:


Well done. Get strong my friend.


Good on you for taking action! Super proud, you can do it! :muscle:t2: