I busted on the weekend


You seem to have found the insight within yourself to do what was necessary and that my friend is true strength!!!


Good for you man. I felt like I had to detach from almost every aspect of my life to get sober (job, friends, family, routine, myself). It’s scary and at first you may think you can’t, but putting life on pause while you get better will make things work out that much better down the road when you hit the resume button.


Best wishes to you my friend! Send a postcard or bring us back a T-shirt will ya?
Goodonya for taking this step. Takes a lot of courage to do what you’re doing. :lion:
Can’t wait to hear how it goes!


Sober Rock Star is what you are!! Were all pulling for you, keep us posted!!


It’s really inspiring to see you taking these steps. I’m not only happy for you, it helps me to see another person model the kind of courage, responsibility, and self love that I try to foster in my own life.


I’m very excited for you! Very happy you’re seeking some help for the better.


Getting everything sorted.
Last piece of puzzle is entry date. My doctor has confirmed he will write a medical certificate to cover the whole time. With these things confirmed my anxious state is being calmed.
Just keep moving forwards.

Cheers all


Your courage and strength is humbling and inspiring all at the same time and reinforcing to me the need to keep going and stop whining, which I am doing a lot of!


Happy to hear about your strong decision. And yes: you deserve a better life, go grab it!
We are here for you when you need us :heart:


Good on You AyBee…I’m in the same boat for staying sober…Got no problem quitting but staying quit is my problem…Did a week intake witch helped to learn and search myself…The breaking the habit is what worked with me…That is a very important step in rehabilitation…All the Best…Marc


Quitting drinking is something I don’t have a problem with… Staying quit is.

Wow that says it for me exactly. On day 2 after drinking last two weeks. And having just started antidepressants 4 weeks ago the last two weeks have destroyed the chance of them working. The most I’ve built up is 12 days in February.


So i now have my admittance date.
18 April.

Finalised my med cert for my employer and went into work to return what work i could for clients and put my out of office on.
Feels a bit odd to be stone cold sober for 3 weeks, in a good place mentally, and to be about to put myself in rehab… But remind myself of the bigger picture, the bigger toolkit to recovery i want to build and that this is time to focus on me.
In fact, it is better to go in feeling so well as it means i can get on with the real job faster and with greater mental stamina and ability.

Don’t wish me luck… Don’t need luck… commitment does not need luck.
Wish me well.
I will still be around when able and look forward to whatever this experience provides now and into my future. I know it will be positive and that some lessons may take time to reveal their full worth.

Cheers all.


Wish you well! @Rain666 went to rehab with several months under his belt too, it’s good to get a foundation started too sometimes and then go in. Varies! You’ve got a great mindset and I know it will help you in your journey! :heart: Proud of you!


I think what you are doing is FREAKING AWESOME. I look forward to your triumphant return following. :+1::star_struck::bird:


Wishing you well, buddy :+1:t2::grin:


I feel this as if i wrote the words myself. All we can do is look forward to the goals we had set for ourselves. For me that’s the best reward right now.


Wish you well my friend. See you on the other side!


Arrived and checking in.


I am tempted to time watch, but I know I don’t have your or Lu’s skills. Wish you well, friend.


The first part sucks (for u) the second makes me happy for u. Its awesome that u take it seriously. Youre gonna make it! :muscle::heartbeat: