I called bullshit!


I never thought I would get to a point in my life where there would be days that go by where I don’t think about drinking. In the beginning I wanted to scratch my face off because I wanted a drink SO BAD!!! I would call “bullshit” on any person that told me it gets easier. I kept throwing thoughts around about - how could this be forever!!! How could I live like this! Maybe I can be sober now, but forever? Just that thought alone gave me feelings of anxiety and panic.

Well here I sit on the other side of forever. I found out that it does get easier. The cravings DO go away! I use to drink captain every day and just about every morning I couldn’t remember what I did the night before. There wasn’t a single thing in my life I didn’t want to do without a drink. Amusement parks, working out, cleaning, yard work, church, work, parks, art projects, grocery shopping, even yoga - phew! Yoga drunk is NOT recommended! Neither is church. That was bad. But I would try and hide whatever I was drinking in bottles or cans everywhere I went, all day long. And I know I’m only on day 71 and I’ll assure you it wasn’t easy getting here and I still have work to do to stay sober but if it can help even just one person reading this, just know that it’s possible. Coming from a stubborn drinker that didn’t want to hear people telling me that I needed to quit drinking. It gets easier. I promise! If you want to be sober, DO IT!!!


I needed to read this post today. It’s given me a huge dose of inspiration. Thanks


Amazing and thank you for sharing.

Giving up is not easy so it is good to be reminded of WHY we are giving up.

Not just to stop the bad stuff but also to start getting the good stuff.


Same here… it’s amazing to no longer habdve that feel and to actually feel like you enjoy things MORE when you are sober :smiley:


Oh thank you so much. You are ME !
Except mine was Vodka or wine. Hidden in my handbag wherever I went. You name it a list JUST like yours but Tai Chi not yoga and I don’t have a yard because I’m English. I have a garden. Where I would hide empties that I thought my partner wouldn’t find.

I’m almost at day 30 !!! And the cravings are terrible it’s so uplifting to hear it’s gotten easier for you. I want to be there! (I was just spooning honey straight out the jar with a teaspoon don’t ask why just mad with cravings to satisfy with anything rather than the demon).

Stay strong I am proud of you. And myself. And everyone on here.


Well done. But be careful. It is easy to get over confident… i got to 71 days then bam. 3 resets…i am 6 days sober today… but the weekend looms…

Keep it up!


You are doing amazing! It does get better, and it continues to get better.


Congratulations on making the days add up and getting some freedom from the cravings! That is a beautiful feeling!

Like @Quitter and @anon69871201 said they can keep coming back in a sneaky way so keep up the good work and vigilance.

I had a fairly strong mental lapse today on day 256 while spending time with family members who were drinking. I was glad to have stayed strong when I smelled the booze breath though. Yikes.


I’m definitely not raising my hands in the air yelling “I’m healed!” Lol. I’ve had a couple extreme days thru this battle and they for sure do sneak up on you and punch you in the face. But this is just a milestone feeling for me that I waned to document and possibly help others. Alcohol had such a death grip on my thinking that I 100% knew at the time that I’d never be sober because it was so hard. We all know that feeling and for me it was counting minutes in the day because sometimes I hit the ground running at 6am with rum. Every minute was screaming at my face to have a drink. I probably would have gambled a paycheck that I could never feel the way that I feel today, and now I CAN go all day without drinking and I’m happy in life!

Every single person here, regardless of addiction got me to where I am today and I’ll be forever grateful! I don’t go to meetings and don’t have many friends or family and I don’t talk to them much about being an alocholic anyways… Just you guys! Gotta get that mental homework done to change the way your subconscious mind thinks. There’s no easy button to be sober, if you want it, do everything you have to do in order to make it happen! Everyone is different in what works for them to be sober. Make it a priority! Make being happy a priority, you might not get another chance.


Just had that thought of the weekend :confounded:… I think we must keep our selves busy in motivated when negative thoughts creep in stay busy… Sleep is good also lol…


That’s awesome that your friend was inspired by you! I love hearing stories like that. We’re all getting brainwashed that you HAVE to have a drink at every function you attend. Football games, concerts, birthday parties, even kids parties, holidays, painting classes, ANYTHING! You can’t go anywhere without seeing it being advertised as fun. We are definitely in the minority and should give us even more of a reason to stay sober because I’ll tell ya, those that have a drinking problem and stay sober are the most badass people you’ll ever meet!


I really needed to see this today. I drink vodka and I have been drunk or drunking at so many places and times when I should not have been. Been sick and had to pretend it was something else. I am so proud of you 71 days. I would love to make it that long without a single drink.


Thanks Kelly! I am working on my day 7 after many fits and starts and resets… I find it way too easy to feel like I’ve accomplished something, but I also forget how hard it is to get going again when I start over. Charlie


Stick with it! The best advice I can give is… just don’t drink! Lol JUST DON’T DRINK! Tell yourself that day by day. You don’t have to drink today. You don’t have to drink today. You don’t have to drink today. 7 days is awesome!

You can do this! :hugs:


Don’t look at it as throwing those 135 days out. Those are 135 sober days you would not have had if you hadn’t decided to make the journey towards a sober life. Bumps are bound to happen along any journey!


That is the best advice. Just don’t drink. I had to take it hour by hour. Then day by day. Don’t drink no matter what. It gets so much easier. Before long you lose track of the days. Stay strong.


Brainwashed is right. It amazes me how many of the people I know drink and drive as well. They seem to be teetering the limit every time they go out and do something.


I needed this post today…just relapsed with a 5 day binge…gona start again today…


Such an inspirational post and definitely something that people need to read on here. Super happy for you! I always enjoy reading your contributions on here. :smile:


Ive done church drunk on st.paddys day, uh yeah that was embarassing. I couldnt tell the difference between where was appropriate to drink or not I was so far in.

Im so glad you are finding your happiness in sobriety.Thank you for sharing this :blush: