I can do thissssss

I’ve only been clean for four days. I wasn’t a heavy user, but I was an everyday user. I’ve been on and off with it for the last two years. I didn’t need much to get through my day. I love heroin just as much as I hate it. I tell myself over and over that I’m not gonna run back, but the body aches make me miss it so much. My legs have never hurt like this before. I just want to sleep. As soon as I lay down, the restless legs and arms start and they ache, so I’m in bed jerking bc it hurts so bad. This is my own fault and I’m going cold Turkey. I can do this but fuck it’s hard.


Going CT isn’t the best of ideas that will only get you so far you need to explore your options maybe a detox centre then after care and into a program I’m a heroin and benzos user if 20 years beleave me if it was as easy as going CT i would if done it 19 years ago go to your local drug and alcohol support service they have so much information and can guide you in the right direction.ibwish you all the best.aline this journey bis tough together with other addicts it become a big possibility that we can live our lives without drugs or alcohol.


Keep at it my friend cold turkey from heroin is hard but it is worth it. It’s hands down the hardest thing that I’ve ever done but also the best thing even though I eventually went back to it. Just don’t go quiet on us if you use again keep in touch please. :slight_smile: