I can have a drink on vacation right.... NO

At a seashore resort for 2 days with hubby and the little men (4 yr old twins). As I am soaking in the sun, pool, beach and all the wonderfulness of this place my mind goes to drinking. I even said to hubby I can have a drink on vacation. Of course he said it’s up to me. While I don’t want him to say no, because then I might do it to rebel, a look or comment about being clean for 15 days would help. Instead I come here and read and reflect and remind myself that no I don’t want to drink on vacation or ever.


Remember why you wanted to quit.
You will feel much better when you not drink! And you know that.
You don’t have to drink. Enjoy your familytime! Keep strong :pray:t2::v:

Ahhhh emotional sobriety or “growing up” in sobriety. You’ll learn to do it for yourself without affirmation from people who don’t understand this disease. You’ll do it because you feel good and can still enjoy life. You know its not “A drink”. It’s hard for people to understand a well faught battle when they’ve never lived this kind of war. Enjoy your vacation…you’re in a beautiful place with your family…take in everything with clarity.

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Ugh, that is what I feel like will be my downfall is thinking that since I’m having a girl’s night next Saturday that I will assume it’s okay because that’s typically what we do on girl’s night is have drinks. And I’m only on Day 1 of this journey. I have to keep in mind I went cold turkey almost 7 years ago from cocaine so I can do this. And congrats for deciding to not have one. !!!

Your vacation will be so much better sober. Enjoy your kids, seeing them smile and having fun. That will be worth it much more than a piña colada etc.