I can't drink normally


I’m afraid @Nullcorp you will never be a normal drinker. All if us will be alcoholic forever. Sober alcoholics, yet alcoholics. I tell you this because i believe that myself and many of us in this chat went through this same experience.
Just try and accept this condition. We are fragile but can start becoming strong admitting our fragility. We are very sensitive people that can be hurt so deeply. My AA sponsor told me that we cant pretend we are a tank when we are just a crystal glass. Soon we will fall into pieces. But if you knock on a tank it will make a rough noise. If you brush on the rim of the crystal glass it will make a wonderful sound.Sorry i cant explain this in English very well.
Do keep strong


It’s so hard when alcohol is such a major part of society and social events. When I wake up I wrote down why I’ve stopped (again) and how much better I feel now, and don’t have to lie and hide bottles everywhere. But I’ve failed over and over and am really hoping this will be it for good, but it’s days by day


Videos? Can you maybe say which movies you watch.


I’d like some recommendations for inspirational videos as well, if anyone could post some, thanks


The one that really took me was Craig Ferguson explaining on his show why he stopped drinking. It was a sad story somehow turned really funny. He said he got sober at 29 which is how old I am. He was also a silly occasional binge drinker like me.


Thanks. Here it is, if anyone else wants to see it, starts at 3.30: https://youtu.be/7ZVWIELHQQY


Thx! Saving it


I totally understand where you are coming from. I am the same, one is not enough and I don’t stop until I pass out . It got to a point when I could never remember how I stopped. The feeling of panic and cold as the blood would freeze trying to remember what I did the night before. I stopped 10 days now this forum is helping me so much. Stay strong :muscle: xx


‘Stopping drinking was not the magic solution to my problems but it’s the only setting under which I can.’ WOW! What a terrific way to express Step 1 of the AA program, admitted we were powerless over alcohol and our lives had become unmanageable. You are well on your way, friend. I hope you find a solution that works for you to bring your powerful words to full actualization.


That was really good. I adore Craig Ferguson!


Alcohol is cunning baffling and powerful. I didn’t think I was an alcoholic just a binge drinker. I did not drink everyday but when picked up that first drink I could not predict if I would have 1 or 20. Alcohol was not the problem it was the solution to my thinking problem. I could interact with people better I felt better out going smart and confident. When I was sober I was the complete opposite. I quit drinking for an extended period of time until I convinced myself to try social drinking. I can’t I have what they call in AA an allergy. This time I went to AA to try to find a better way to live instead of staying miserable and not drinking. Today I am going to receive my 10 month chip from a bunch of people that were strangers but now are major players in keeping me sober. I wish you all the best which ever path you choose. Whether it is AA, therapist or a program of recovery it is your journey. How much time do you spend on thinking about alcohol? Can that time be better spent?