I changed my screen name


Wud up neeenjaaaaa! Love the profile pic! I’m not on here that much myself anymore. That’s funny you mention your reason for the name change, I changed my profile pic for the same reasons. I mostly come on here to help as I’m not dependant on this app on the daily but it’s definitely still a lifeline if I’m having a bad day. Glad to see your doing well :hugs:


I love the name!!


Glad you are doing well, too!


Thanks, Steve :rofl:


I’m not a big fan of the crash either. Could be any day now I’m guessing.


I’m very new to understanding my cycles. I drank so much that I actually did not have any clue any of this was really going on until I quit drinking. So, I’m still figuring out how this works. :confused: A lot of my life makes a lot more sense, though.


I hear ya. The swings were much worse during my using days. I wouldn’t sleep for a week and could go months with only a few hours a night, then I’d have three weeks where I couldn’t get out of bed. The last 3 weeks has been my first episode of any kind since I got clean. I’m trying to get to bed early tonight and hopefully get my sleep schedule back under control.

I will say that the rehab I went to was specifically for dual diagnosis so I can see the warning signs a lot earlier now.


Are there any SMART meetings near you? You can also check into Dual Recovery Anonymous, which is designed for the cool kids like us who rock the bi-polar like a boss.


This is lol. Keep on doing youn and killin it.


I am just starting to look into smart meetings. :blush: I somehow missed people talking about them.


We’ve had a problem with inappropriate PM’s in the past. I’m starting to wonder if it’s not the same person… I would hope they are reading this thread and realizing even something that may seem innocent is not ok…


No no no! You can’t leave us. Ever!! We need to see your beautiful transformation pictures to inspire us! And you are my sober twin sister😉


Thanks for chatting with me bout the BP yesterday! It really seemed to help to talk to someone else in the know. I seemed to have calmed myself down a little bit today. I actually got good sleep last night too.


Oh @Gabe.G, I guess i can’t leave you. :grin:


If you ever want to change your profile pic.


Hmm. You too? I didn’t have anything really inappropriate said to me but I got an uncomfortable vibe from someone via pm. Kind of makes you think twice about things!


If anyone ever makes you feel uneasy go ahead and ask them to stop or report it to @Steve92 @JustL @Robin. This board should be a tool for your sobriety toolbox, not a place you get an uneasy feeling.
@Sober_Ninja you are a part of our community it doesn’t matter what screen name you use.


I also got one that made me uncomfortable.


I’m worried there is a certain person or a few people who are continuing to make people uncomfortable. I know of one person but will not be putting them on blast. However if you PM and let me know maybe we can address the issue. If you don’t want to I completely understand!


I didn’t post any sober selfies but also had been getting some questionable messages when I had a profile pic. Then the whole duplicate profile situation and I decided just best not to have one anymore :woman_shrugging:t3: