I controlled my urges

On christmas eve I was asked by my nan to hold her cigarette and I’m now 27days clean from smoking at this point I was 23 but that’s still longer than I usually get. So when she asked me I said yes and I held it the way I would when I was smoking and I just looked at it. She asked me if I wanted to share the last of it and if I did smoke she wouldn’t tell my mum and I said no she asked me if I was sure and that it was okay if I did I said
It wouldn’t be okay I’m trying to quit and I’m doing very well so no I’m fine
And she took the cigarette back and handed me the drink I had and we went on.
I controlled myself and I was very proud and now I’m 27days clean!!


Congrats! That’s great. :+1::+1::two_hearts::heart_eyes:

I’m very glad to hear that. I wonder if you have any advices because I’m 16 and I started smoking 4 months ago and I really want to stop before it’s too late.