I deleted my timer!


It was stressing me out more then it was helping me!


Different people use different tools / methods… whatever works for you is probably the best thing for you.
Sober is the goal, the timer is just a little tool… your own self-control is a much bigger one !
You can do it…


The day will come when the timer doesn’t mean much. You’ll glance at the date and not count backwards to see how many days or months or minutes.
I have stopped making the last day of months (I quit on 31 Dec). Today my line is…”Three years, 11 months, and six days…but who’s counting, right?”

I can do the math if I need to, but lately it’s become more about enjoying that I am more than counting days since.



Is it looking at the days and hours that stressing u? Or resetting? I got tired of looking at my timer a while back. So today I open the forum in safari in stead of opening thru the timer.

Whatever works for you pal!