I did a dumb thing ... I think?

Im not agreeing with the view that you shouldn’t have looked through this assholes phone.
I’m glad you did,you were close to taking this mentally ill jerk back into your life and he’s already proven he’s dangerous to your health in a lot of ways.
He was even “reaching out” to people you know to manipulate you and them,and lying.
Do not feel bad,gather yourself and talk to your therapist about how to stand up to him or he’ll keep working on you.
He’s knows how to manipulate people skillfully.


Yes, the idea of it all is to learn to trust your gut. My gut tells me when a liar is lying, when a manipulator is manipulating because I have been all through that.
You said you had a moment of weakness, your gut said one thing but your brain said another and you acknowledge that. That’s strength.
Honor your gut!

Edit: I need to add one more line: Here take my advice… I’m not using it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lol thank you! I totally know how THAT goes. Ha

I came across this today and thought it seemed appropriate to share here. Gut instincts tell us a lot!


Good on you for questioning your motives and actions. I was wondering how long the topic would go until someone called you out on snooping his phone and I hoped you would do that yourself.

I am a great one for justifying my actions ( reactions, mostly) without wanting to take responsibility for them. I can’t change other people’s minds about me, nor influence their behavior. But damned if that stops me from trying!

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