I did it again

I used meth again last night when i was at knotts berry farm
when last night and the previous days I was already getting sober and back to normal from the previous relapse

I have a guilty conscience when it comes to using
I get sad or mad or I just think so much
My body stays stuck
I feel very slow, serious, my body clenches right
My jaw clenches
My body movements are tense
I have no humor
I feel like a dead body

My thoughts are sinking me down
What should I do
How can I make this go away
Can anyone give me some advice tips

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Do you have a treatment center you can go to to detox, and then maybe an outpatient program. Go to www.na.org
They can help you find resources in your area. Keep reaching out and don’t beat yourself up. You have made a huge step just realizing you need help!


You need sleep and lots of it.
Drink lots of water as well.

As far as how you feel…well, you’ll only really start feeling better when you keep yourself clean…
I really think you might need to change who you hang out with…maybe not permanently but at least for a while until you build up some strength to be able to say NO when the needed.
Don’t beat yourself up, get some rest, recharge and find the strength to start again…


Im a meth addict myself…i stopped for 13 weeks earlier this year while thinking i could do it on my own…i finally failed and relapsed and i too felt like crap…i was angry at myself and finally realized i couldnt do it on my own but thought i could substitute with another substance cuz i would be able to handle it as long as it wasnt meth…I WAS WRONG!!! I needed help so i went to rehab for the first time…there i learned the tools i could use to build a sober foundation…i am now applying them to my life…its tough but by using the tools i have the strength to NOT use…i like to tell myself " I can use tomorrow…just dont use today" and then i call my Sponsor or someone in my support group that i’ve built in early sobriety…i hope that helped…

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I feel way better
Not by what you just told me but by what you just told me , it helps me acknowledge and realize that their are other helpful ways to help me and my recovery out
The key and answer to my relapsing, drug habits and issues to wanting to use is actually my social circle
I can’t recall the last time I used by myself
Probably once or twice but not frequent times

My social circle and the people I associate with use and only use

Thank you Michael

Glad i could help…i had to totally up and move to begin my sobriety and keep MYSELF away from people that used…nobody in my old life is clean or sober and it would have, eventually, led me back to using…thats what this disease does…i wanna be a better man so i did what was necessary to do just that and realized the people in my life that matter dont mind that i need to focus on me…i also found a group of people that wont co-sign my bullshit…hahaha…thats real important…if i wanna use and tell one of them…we are going to a meeting…cuz they care about me and want me to be sober and that man i wanna be…

Youre Welcome…

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You have to remember people places and things… If people are using if you use to use some place or you are doing things you did when you used stay AWAY FAR AWAY… Find new circles get in meetings find people on your same journey and stick with them… That always helps me… Life can be fun sober…