I dont know how I'm doing

What happens when I have completely isolated myself from everyone to the point I cant come back
How do I continue to talk to people when i have no motivation and all I want is to be alone. What happens when everyone finally thinks wow shes so messed up and she wont even let anyone help her. I dont know how to let people in because I never have before I’ve never needed anything from anyone so when I need help I just keep it to myself and now it’s got that far that when I need the most help I cut everyone off and run from my problems until I can ignore them completely. How my friends arent suck of my bullsh*t I dont know to be honest o think they are but cant bring themselves to say it in case I have a breakdown and do something stupid

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I know that when I felt that way it was because I had so much shame and guilt for the way I acted in my disease. That phone weighed 50 lbs when I felt like that. It’s a very uncomfortable, vulnerable, and desperate feeling. When I finally found the strength to reach out for help, and put down the bottle, I started the long process of forgiving myself. It took a long time, but eventually I felt better and more in control of my life. The self confidence returned and I even began smiling again. You can do this! Be strong and get out of your comfort zone! Reach out and be ready to feel all kinds of uncomfortable feelings! That’s just your heart healing itself! :blue_heart:


Sometimes when I feel closed off I have to ask myself what the reason is that I can’t talk to someone. Life is hard but you have peers and relationships that help this lonely world easier to overcome. I do not know your whole situation but you are on a great forum for encouragement and advice. Remember that you aren’t the only one who feels like they are a POS sometimes … Everyone gets that way, but with confronting your problems through the help of others or your Higher Power you will find life easier. Keep your head up and remember that when you don’t feel loved, that your Higher Power loves you more than you can imagine as well as the people you surround yourself with. You are not alone and you don’t have to be. Prayers and good vibes to you, and I hope you continue to open up.

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I will try and be more careful when I post in future I meant no harm but I realise now that is inappropriate. I have a counsellor to talk to however I dont really feel comfortable with him to talk about everything so it helps sometimes but others he cant really help cuz I wont opwn up.

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I understand. I was afraid of people too. I learned how to get over this fear and many others at AA meetings.