I dumped out Mjød

I was sent a bottle of some of the finest Mjød imported from Denmark, from an old friend.

He asked for my address the other day, we were catching up. He said he wanted to send some books he knew I would enjoy.

I looked at the bottle, it was my most revered choice of drink. I don’t know anyone who drinks it.

I texted him saying thank you. I just dumped out the bottle, i could feel the thoughts almost instantly.

I think I should have just told him about my sobriety, and sent it back to him.

I feel dumb for dumping it out, I could have held out and sent it back to him. It was a knee jersey reaction.

Anyways, off to the gym.


You did what you instinctly thought best to protect your sobriety…I consider that wise and strong…not dumb at all.



Best thing to do, well done :hugs:


One thing that I quickly noticed.
Was I have to get more intuned with my sobriety.

I’m clearly romanatizing Mjød.

Which means I have to work on that.

Andre you’re not a Viking or what have you, you’re not drinking for the history and better understanding of what they may have drunk, you’re an alcoholic, you’re not drinking mead anymore. Ya ruined that because ya suck at drinking. :rofl:


@RetainKing, I think dumping it out was the best thing to do. Not that you would have drank it, but that it was a power move! :muscle:
When I first starting being serious about not drinking I left a full unopened handle of whiskey on the counter. I had it because I would not be without a new bottle before the last one ran out. So, that bottle stayed there for 40 days. I had to see it every day and say no way Jose. Finally at day 40 I opened it smelled it (nasty!) and poured that shit down the kitchen sink. That gave me strength to keep pushing and here I am at 100 days today.
Keep on keepin on people!

Bye for now…


That’s awesome, good for you!

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Outta sight outta mind! :grin: good job :clap:


André, aren’t you native American? Native Americans aren’t related to Vikings if I’m correct :thinking:
Good job on pouring out the Nordic Satan’s piss, proud of you

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You gotta do what you gotta do. Well done on protecting your sobriety above all else! :pray:t2::two_hearts:


I think it was best thing to do too!

I was recently telling friends about me pouring my half a bottle of vodka (that was left over from a binge the day before… ) down the sink.
I mostly got “why though!? You could have given that to me!” “What a waste!” Etc

The way I see it, passing that on to someone else is just passing on the poison. Best place for it is down the gutter, not inside someone else’s system. :woman_shrugging:


Great job on your first instinct- that’s tough. I was thinking about if it happened to me…I loved mead. Haven’t had anything fancier than Viking Blod, but it would be hard for me to dump it. Or maybe it wouldn’t- I don’t know. I’m romantisizing it too.
Like it’s too delicious/expensive/bottle is too cool looking to dump.
How silly.
I give you props- kicking ass and taking names :v:t3: :wink:

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I really am happy to wake up ready for the day. To grow, to build, and just to simply be.

I do not drink, for I am not a drinker.


You should be proud of yourself. That is no small feat. Congratulations!

They are without a doubt related, they had a family reunion in current day USA about 1,100 years ago to celebrate. :rofl:

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Brave move, and one that worked for you!! Excellent!!For me, a totally alcohol-free house is my only option right now.


Best place for that poison to be. No matter how “special” it seems. It’s just poison. Good job mate!

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Yeah, ya did what ya had to do in the moment. I’ve regifted a bottle and dumped out a bottle, depending how I was feeling at the time. It’s nice not to waste a gift, but some things are easily more important than that.

Good on ya for sticking to your guns either way.

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It just make me feel better to pour poison down the drain. Did it feel good? That could be your gift… instead of looking at it like it was wasted.

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I would do the same thing man, its understandable you did what you thought was best for your sobriety and thats what matters. I’m sure that if you explained it to your friend he would understand

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