I f*cked up already

Had to go shop get dog food, stood there a while next to the wine and picked up a bottle. Came home. Played some boxing on the oculus,sat down next to the bottle. Cried, googled help, cried again, opened the bottle and poured a glass. The glass sat next to me for about an hour. I smelt it, I took a sip. I’ve drank a glass and poured another. I am NOT going to finish this bottle. It’s almost 11pm now. Why am I this weak i cant get through my second night? Feeling so low. Have deleted my days progress as I’ve cheated already! I’m not religious, it doesn’t sit with me right and have heard
AA has religious support?? I dont know what else to do. Most people say this is not an problem now but deep down I know it is! Might just get rid if this app altogether, feel like such a disappointment to myself and to everyone in here doing so well. :frowning:



Perhaps look at other options like SMART Recovery if the religious element of AA puts you off.

God bless :blush:


AA is as religious as you want it to be. They do say say God will help you but God is used as just a word or concept. Your higher power can be anything you want it to be. So ultimately, if you need help, get the help and take from it what you need and don’t worry about the rest.

I’m sorry you’re feeling down right now but I know YOU CAN DO IT!!


Oh Kirsty, don’t leave the app. I don’t think I’ve come across anyone here that gets sober on their first attempt. In my case, it was hundreds of slips, to the point I stopped re-setting my counter until I thought my mindset was ‘right’. I was a daily drinker. Today is day 40 sober.

There is a lot of great info within here. Some of the old threads have great resources within them. Use the search function at the top to look for pretty much anything.

We know what you’re going through. Stay. Read. Post. :kissing_heart::pray:


Stop beating yourself up. No one here is disappointed in you. People are here to help. I can tell by your post that wine is not making you feel better or happier. No one can dump the rest of that wine for you. You have to do it for yourself. you don’t need to rush into AA. Just start simple. Decide you’re done and then find ways to occupy your mind. I know you’ve heard it before but this site is a great way to pass time when you are struggling. Talk, read whatever it takes. Just get to day one and then you can work on day two. Stopping isn’t easy, but drinking isn’t helping. I hope you stick around and give so sobriety a real chance.


No hun, don’t delete the app. I want you to stay and help us while we help you…:kissing_cat::cherry_blossom:


Girl, dump the wine. It is bumming you out.

And stay on the app. No one is disappointed in you. You are disappointed in yourself and we all get that, because we have all been there.

This is not easy and it doesn’t happen overnight. Dump the wine, stick around and read and post. Go for a walk. Cry. Take a bath. Anything but drink.

Stick with it. You obviously are here for a reason. Make 2020 a true new year, new you!


Thank you so much, feel so lonely really.


Girl you’re preaching to the choir! We have practically the same issues. Stay here though, I did and I drank Thanksgiving. I want you to feel the love and support here that we all do. Trust me!:sparkling_heart:


You’re not alone.


Ah. That is one of the first things I learned when I joined here. I can’t remember it exactly (I should use the search function, as they’ll be tons of posts on it! :joy:) … it’s the acronym ‘HALT’.

Whenever you crave, figure out what could be causing it.
Are you Hungry? Eat something. Drink lots of water.
Are you Angry? Walk it off. Meditate. Crank up the music and sing/dance. Write it down.
Are you Lonely? Come on here and post or join in some current threads.
Are you Tired? Take a nap? Work on self-care.

Like I said, others have a better way of explaining this, and all the techniques you can consider. These then become things you have in your ‘toolkit’.

I’m not religious, but AA gives you a place to meet people in real life. People who know what you’re going through. The mix of people at meetings I’ve been to is amazing. It could be a good place to make new sober friends :woman_shrugging:t3::pray:


Thank you, I think this may be really helpful. :slight_smile:


A winner is a loser who tried one more time, and got it right.

Why quit this app? Why eliminate any proven program without even giving it a chance? Why give up on the journey when you haven’t hardly begun to fight?

You can do this, if you want to do this. You can be better, if you decide to be better.


Just to clarify to everyone, your kind words of support will ensure I dont delete this app. Thanks guys :slight_smile:




Good, for not deleting. And use this app to help you. What you could have done was post on here.
" I’m sat with a bottle of wine"
People would have jumped over themselves to bring you down, seriously.
The stats really do show that the more you Interact on here the more likely you will stay sober.
Read around on here, I think I said this earlier.
There is a load of talk about AA. It’s not religious there is no affiliation to any religious organizations.
It just a group of people trying to stop drinking.
You say you are lonely, so get in the rooms and make friends.
Be open minded to try anything. How much do you really want to get sober.
If you really want it, you will be prepared to try anything, and not be put off somethings just because you have “heard” something.
Try it for yourself with an open mind.

Edit, for the record AA is not the only group in town.


This is a brain disease. Would you call someone weak for having diabetes?

AA isn’t a religious program, it’s a spiritual program. There is a big difference. Still, there are more secular programs that work, but no program works without commitment. For me, that was as much time in the beginning spent on recovery as the time I devoted to my addiction.


That is fantastic news!


The religious overtones of AA continue to raise skepticism and concern in the popular media and scientific arena. Evidence now exists, however, demonstrating AA is an effective clinical and public health ally that aids addiction recovery through its ability to mobilize therapeutic mechanisms similar to those mobilized in formal treatment, but is able to do this for free over the long-term in the communities in which people live. To superficially dismiss AA as a potentially effective addiction recovery support option on the grounds that it is “religious” and therefore unscientific, is inconsistent with the body of rigorous research accumulated during the past 25 years.


I’m so pleased your here and reaching out to get help and support. Aa has changed my life . I was so desperate to get help the word god didn’t bother me at all . I wasn’t religious but I do believe there’s a power greater then myself out there that has helped me get clean. I was so desperate if someone told me to believe in a gold fish I would of done ! X

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