I feel free(78 days sober)

I had been using for two years. Today I am 78 days into forever! Throughout the last two years, I’ve had a son who is 13 months, lost his father from results of using and since he passed am pregnant with twins. I’ve gone through so much and had times where the only thing keeping me alive was using. I’m just hoping for support here…and wanna do the same in return.


Congrats on an amazing achievement! You are going strong :grinning:

Well done on 78. Keep it up. Parenting is a whole lot easier clean. (I have 4 young kids)

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Congratulations on 78 days!! And on the twins! :blush::heart:️ Sounds like you’re on the right track mama :hibiscus:

Stay strong! You’re doing great!

Congratulations and keep up the good work.