I feel kinda triggered

… By last topics and talks about how “relapse” is part of getting sober. Not gonna lie, when I read something about it my first thoughts were about getting a drink also. :neutral_face: Not sure how to feel about it. (also I stopped reading these topics cus I felt worst after every post. Just need vent this. Not going to drink. I hope so :sweat_smile:


Best to mute these subjects. The subject comes up every so often and last year I had about 5/6 months and had a bit of a rough time.
People started talking about it and it gave my addiction the chance to justify why I could have a drink.


For some people, relapse is part of our story.

For others, we manage to stay sober one day at a time. Relapse doesn’t happen.

It takes what it takes.

There are things in each day that could trigger me to drink. Seeing my old bars, hearing about a friend who has relapsed, emotions that I don’t know how to deal with, someone who doesn’t know me well inviting me out for drinks…

At the end of the day, I cannot let anyone give me permission to drink. I cannot let external forces or circumstances push my hand. If I drink, it is because I chose to do it.

It’s hard in the early days when it feels like drinking is all we can think about and is everywhere. Eventually, we get tools to help with those triggers. For me, the thing that helped from day one was repeating this, over and over…

I cannot drink today, NO MATTER WHAT.

You can do this. Reach out when it gets tough. Lord knows we understand…


Just remember that relapse is NOT a part of recovery…it is, however, a part of some people’s journey to recovery.

I really wish people would rethink how they respond to relapse posts. I know that I relapsed a few times because I thought to myself “it’s normal to relapse, I’ll just try again”…only to find it really hard to stop drinking.



sometimes i feel the same way when people talk about using and then all comments are like, ‘its ok! you’ll be fine! tomorrow’s a new day!’ etc. of course, thats what i say to these folks, too. :hugs: bc it is true. people should never give up when they relapse. but its gotten me triggered a few times and i have to give TS space for a bit afterwards. x


Thanks for sharing Morten!


Thx for support guys! :muscle:

Im glad you shared this because im not ready to read that sort of stuff live from people and can tell from your experience id prob feel the same if i went into one of those threads. So thanks for doing that (LOL), prob dont do it again for awhile, and ill be sober this weekene with you! :muscle: