I feel like a failure to the world

Every time I go out I think I can handle it but I just can’t. I come home and look at my kids the next day I feel I am not worthy. I admit I need help . I wish it was simple


Hey welcome destiny, indeed it is not easy. You made the first right step by coming here. I have two beautiful girls myself and felt very much like you, but Im here to tell you, if you put the work in it does get much easier. I was hopeless and powerless, I never thought I was going to get sober either,but here I am 33 days sober. A good book to start out with that might help you is… This naked mind by Annie grace, I highly recommend it, as it’s what got me sober, and then at 15 days in I joined this forum, and everyone on here is amazing. Also I never ever wanted to attend a.a meetings, but I do now, I was never religous but i got on my knees about 23 days sober and prayed, and thinga are improving tremendously. Keep checking in daily, and will all help you the best we can,just take it one day at a time. Good things to start doing when you are really feeling down is to start exercising, it lifts you’re spirit alot.


It really is that simple, it’s amazing what not drinking can do to everything in your life.

I did a lot of research, and “this time will be different” was never any different than any other time I drank.

Don’t bother with rules, because what’s the point of drinking if you can’t drink the way you want too.

Just don’t.

Say no to the person who matters most, you.

If a deadbeat, lazy, abusive drunk like me can get sober and become a productive, happy and loving man, you can get sober too.