I feel like I keep trying with no success

How do people move on without meth when you’ve gone for 2 straight years of working and living with daily IV meth use. I’m on day 2 but I feel like I’m heading for failure since I’m working the same job that just last week I would start my day in the bathroom getting off, and now I’m here unable to do that very thing.


That’s rough, especially when you used at work. I’d do the same, we had these awesome relief rooms that locked and you could turn out the lights…but, really the rest of the day was shit because all I could think about was my next bump or worried someone would know. And I couldn’t do my job being high.

I’m still struggling esp because I’m working from home at present but the days between using are getting more and more. It’s becoming too much of an effort to use than not.

Hang in there today.

recovery is a transformation of thoughts and actions. this perticulas substance is very bad for your mind body and sole.

addiction has tricked me over the years. at first it draws you in with couriosity. then it can make you decive yourself by making you feel uphoria and then it can take everything

there are people who feel like you here on talking sober.

keep reading and get and give supporte at your will

some of the stuff on here really makes sence

keep comming :slight_smile:

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I’ve never been an IV user but I’ve definitely been either drunk or high(on a myriad of drugs, including a 100mg a day adderall usage) during work over the past 5 years Fortunately for me, I love my job and coworkers, so quitting has been relatively easy when it come to work. I know that isnt everyone’s situation, but even so, if you get thru the initial withdrawals you may see things differently when it comes to work. Not just your surroundings, but yourself and how you perceive and react to it all. The first few(or more) days can be tedious, but once you’re past the exhaustion you can really take in what you’re meant to do and succeed so much more than you thought you were while using. I know I thought I rocked and was doing great but now I know it was just a shell of who I am supposed to be. Keep going. It will get better if you stick to it. Really :heart:


Hi and welcome,day 2 is always going to be a struggle of tug and war,can you take 2/3 days sick leave so you can really give yourself a fighting chance I imagine being a iv meth user you could do with the rest ,I myself was a iv user but my posion was herion ,are you close to your co,workers is there any chance you could get supppport at work ,look into the options you have today BC we always have choices and those choices we make early recovery shape our journey into long term recovery, stick with it.keep sharing and be patient and gentle with self.:pray::dizzy: