I feel really depressed right now

I’m really thinking of relapsing but I’m trying to stay strong but I feel really weak right now. I need help…


Why don’t you write a little more about what’s bothering you? I would imagine someone on here is dealing with a similar situation. Drinking will only add to the negative sensations and thought patterns.

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It could be helpful to write a list of why you want to stay sober.

I got home after I got off of work an had the immediate sensation of wanting to drink or get drunk but I’m stopping myself


I had the same thing tonight. Luckily I got talked off the ledge by people here. The urge does go away in a little while also.
Stay strong.


Stay strong, relapsing will not fix anything. You will feel better this feeling will pass. :heart:

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I hope you are doing ok.
I can also relate to how you are feeling. I know we can make it another day!!

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It’s not worth it. Play the tape thru in your head and you’ll see it’s only gonna cause misery and regret in the end. You’re better than that drink. Stay strong. :hugs:

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Thank you everyone, you have been a great help. I didn’t touch anything I promise. I was just really stressing at the moment but I feel better again. Also the thought of my girl @Supersoberwoman always gives me hope to always continue and I don’t like the feeling of letting her down. Love ya


Glad you’re feeling better! Well done. You should be proud of yourself!

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It’s not enough to resist those thoughts. The fact that you get them at all is a big sign something is wrong you haven’t shed your love affair with your doc. I’m not there yet either but you can only dodge so many bullets.

Meetings make it easier wish you well

How are you feeling today x

Call someone and talk. Find something to distract ur mind for a bit. Go for a walk or hike. Don’t give up!

I feel ya!
Ive been depressed lately too. Holidays funk. Feeling feelings id rather not feel. A drink sounds pretty good !

A drink always sounds good! Im an alcoholic!

I mostly depressed about drinking a few weeks ago when nothing was wrong and i was feeling great with six months sobriety.

Drinking cause im depressed just creates a vicious cycle that feeds more depression. It isnt worth it.

Even though i dont like it. Feeling my feelings and thinking about them has been really good for me this holiday season. Im recognizing negative patterns and wanting to break them.

Breaking things sounds fun! As long as its not sobriety!

Tomorrows a new day! That pink cloud is out there somewhere! Gotta stay sober to find it!