I finally did it!



The hardest part can be walking in the door! Good for you for stepping outside of your comfort zone!


That’s awesome!!!


Well done! That is a huge step, and one that takes a lot of courage.


Well done so proud of you x


Amazing. Well done you! Did you like it, what are your thoughts if you don’t mind me asking.


It wasn’t as I expected. There were about 14 of us sitting in a semi circle taking turns reading - I passed on that. It wasn’t exactly warm though two people talked to me and one gave me her number.


Great!!! Congratulations :confetti_ball::balloon::tada: keep the good work my friend :pray:t4::heart:


Well, it’s a start. If you have the chance try other meetings on different nights.


This is amazing. Good for you for walking through that door.


Yes, I will


That’s pretty freaking awesome… Congrats! :+1::muscle:


I’m proud of you!!! :two_hearts:


Many meetings are very different - keep checking them out and seeing what with works for you! :two_hearts:


And your journey begins and youl have plenty of support and sober people along the way to help you wish you well


Thanks for the kind words and support everyone, if it wasn’t for this community I never would have gone to that first meeting. I am keeping an open mind and am going to another, on a different day, next week, same location.


Brilliant, peace be the journey :v:


Welcome! One of the best things you have ever done for yourself.