I give up!

What an amazing share, thank you :pray:

Well, you came here so I believe you can change whatever is not working for you.
It took me more than a few tries but what helped me was I knew I was stronger than that urge or voice.
It’s so hard but you can do it.
You have a lot of life left still with your family, :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Glad you’re back, bud.


@youngj65 how are you?


You are worth it! Say fuck it to alcohol! You came on here because you don’t want to give up. You have been through too many storms and to let the raindrops affect you. Change your mindset, stop stinking thinking. If you think of failure, your probably going to fail. Positive thinking brings positive results. You can quit drinking. I have the upmost faith and positively worth of you.

God Bless you and love always :pray: